Geriatric Simulator

The RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator is a wearable age simulation suit that enables students to experience a variety of age-related physical challenges. It includes curriculum that addresses the physical effects of aging and care for the elderly, plus teaching tools like presentation slides and assessment activities.

Geriatric simulator



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  1. The Geriatric Experience

    • Teacher guide
    • Student materials
    • Assessment tools
    • Presentation slides
    • Teaching hours: 13

    Geriatric Experience Curriculum Overview

    Geriatric Experience Curriculum Sample

    Alignment and Crosswalk Documents


    • Geriatric SimulationWeight Vest (adjustable, one-size-fits-most)
    • 2 ankle weights
    • 4 wrist weights
    • 2 elbow restraints
    • 2 knee restraints
    • 2 gloves
    • Cervical collar
    • Set of 6 visual impairment glasses
    • Walker
    • Storage case
    • 9-lesson Geriatric Experience curriculum
    The Geriatric Simulator enables users to experience:
    • Visual impairment
    • Restricted range of motion
    • Decreased mobility
    • Stooped posture
    • Loss of sensation in hands
    • Joint stiffness
    • Loss of strength
    • Fatigue
    • Change in body image
    • Decreased sense of balance
    • Confusion
  2. I wanted to be able to teach my students to be more understanding and empathetic with the aging process once we made it into our clinical rotation at the local nursing home. I wanted them to understand why the residents moved so slowly and I wanted them to learn to be patient and kind while working with them.

    It is so important to get these kids to understand the pains and aches that our elderly generation feel every day, so that they can provide better care for our aging population.

    Miranda Kessler, RN-BSN, Health Occupations Instructor, Nicholas County Career aDownload Full Story

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