Pregnancy Torso

How big is a normal child shortly before birth? How does a female uterus accommodate a 9-month-old fetus? Answer these questions and more in an engaging, hands-on manner with the RealCare™ Pregnancy Torso. This lightweight, plastic mold depicts a vertical cross section of the female pelvis during the 9th month of pregnancy. It features detailed renderings of the bladder, rectum, abdominal and pelvic muscles, and includes a life-size 3-month old fetus and uterus mounted on the base for comparison. Comprehensive, 3-lesson curriculum is included.




Target Audience:

  • Middle school or high school students
  • Community education programs
  • Public health programs
  • Clinical education programs

 Use the torso and curriculum to address:

  • Monthly fetal development stages
  • Trimester characteristics
  • Healthy eating during pregnancy
  • What to avoid during pregnancy
  • Genetic diseases
  • Pregnancy symptoms and discomforts
  1. The three-lesson Understanding Fetal Development curriculum focuses on monthly fetal development stages and trimester characteristics and includes:
    • Teaching hours: 7-9
    • Presentation slides
    • Pre- and post-assessments
    • Aligns to: 
      • National Standards for Family & Consumer Sciences Education
      • National Health Education Standards

    Understanding Fetal Development Curriculum Overview

    Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

    Product Catalog and How To Order

    • Womb cross-section with display base
    • Removable 9-month-old fetus
    • Removable 3-month-old fetus
    • Removable 3-months-pregnant uterus
    • 3-lesson Understanding Fetal Development curriculum

    Product Catalog and How To Order

    • Dimensions: 15 ⅝” x 14” x 8 ⅞”
    • Weight: 6.60 lbs.

    Product Catalog and How To Order

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