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How to Retrieve Simulation Report Data

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How to Print Report

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RCBII-Plus Baby Log Procedure


Q: How do I retrieve data from Baby?  

A: Babies will automatically turn off at their scheduled times. Have the Control Center Software running when the Babies are returned. Once Babies are within range of the Control Center, they will automatically transmit their data to the Control Center.

Use “Stop” on the Control Center to end a running simulation. The simulation will stop, and the data will automatically go into the Control Center.

Q: How does Baby record Shaken Baby? 

A: In order for a Shaken Baby event to register, the neck sensor must detect a pattern in its movement. The neck must make three full back-and-forth movements within two seconds to record Shaken Baby.

Q: How long will Baby cry before it records neglect? 

A: Baby will cry for two minutes before it records neglect.

Baby will also record neglect if it is mishandled during a care session. Check your simulation report for matching neglects and mishandling events.

Q: The report shows a Total Crying Time of 999 minutes. Is that normal? 

A: The largest number possible for crying time is 999 minutes. Crying time includes all crying for rough handling, wrong position and neglect, as well as scheduled crying for care.

Q: The student report total shows 53 missed care and mishandled events, but the detail screen shows only 49 total events. 

A: Baby only keeps detail information for the first 49 missed care and mishandling events combined.

Q: There are a higher number of recorded IDs than there are care sessions. 

A: RealCare Baby will accept and record the ID during ANY crying event, including all care sessions, mishandling events, and fussy events.

Q: Can I delete report folders? 

A: Yes, except for the “No Class” folder.

Q: Can I delete simulation reports from the folders?

A: Yes. The deleted simulations will go into the “Trash” folder and will remain there until the “Trash” folder is emptied.

Q: Can I edit the Performance Overview Rubric? 

A: Yes. Click on “Edit Rubric” and you can increase or decrease the points removed for each mishandling event. You can also select “Edit Other” to add or remove additional points.

Q: Can I email reports? 

A: Yes. When viewing a report, click onto “File” and select “Export – Copy to Clipboard.” Open an email and paste the report into the email.

If your version of Control Center does not have this feature, click on “Help” and select “Check for Updates” to download the most recent revision of the Control Center.

Q: Can I view the simulation data while the simulation is in progress? 

A: The “Get Data” option in Control Center downloads the current simulation data without interrupting the simulation.

If your current version of Control Center does not have this feature, click on “Help” and select “Check for Updates” to download the most recent revision of Control Center.

Q: Do I have to click “Stop” in order to retrieve the simulation data?

A: Only if Baby is still running a simulation. If Baby turns off at its scheduled time, have Control Center Software running, and Baby will automatically transmit the simulation data into the Control Center.

Q: How many report folders can I create? 

A: You can create an unlimited number of report folders. Select the report folder you want to use when programming Baby; the data will automatically transmit to that folder when the simulation is completed.

Q: I went to print the simulation data and only a summary was printed. 

A: When printing reports, be sure to select the “Print” icon above the selected reports. A full report will print. Ignore the “Print Summary” at the bottom right corner of the Control Center. It just prints a summary.

Q: What is the Performance Overview %? 

A: The Performance Overview % is the total score of all care events, missed care events, and mishandling events.

Q: What is the “Edit Other” option in the Performance Overview Rubric? 

A: The “Edit Other” option allows you to increase or decrease points in the Performance Overview.Examples: Take off points for losing a bottle. Add points for extra credit.

Q: What is the “No Class” folder? 

A: The “No Class” folder is the default folder for all simulation data. Create new folders for simulation data to fall into for easier data tracking.

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