Baby Maintenance and Supply Care

Support Videos

RealCare Baby Support Video - Head Sensitivity Test (7:26 min)

RealCare Baby Support Video - Battery Replacement (8:09)

RealCare Baby Support Video - Troubleshooting Test (4:51)

Support Documents 

Help Guide - Baby Maintenance

Suggestions for Cleaning Baby

RCB Battery Maintenance

How Old Are My Batteries

Calibrate Battery

RCB Troubleshooting Test

RCB3 How to Reset Battery Level

How to Replace Batteries


Q: Why is Baby buzzing/making strange noises?

A: Some electronic devices, like cell phones, create interference. The feedback sound resulting from the presence of a nearby cell phone will not cause any damage or operational malfunctions in Baby.

Baby may make a buzzing sound if the batteries are getting low. Recharge Baby (“plus” model) or install new batteries and make sure cell phones are out of range. If the buzzing sound continues, contact Product Support to send Baby in for repair.

Q: Are clothing and diapers washable and dryable? 

A: Yes. Wash clothing and diapers in a cold, gentle cycle, and do not use bleach. Clothing and diapers may be lined dried or tumbled dried. Washing and drying the clothing and diapers does not affect the sensors.

Q:Are the IDs waterproof? 

A: Yes, all IDs are waterproof and may be submerged in water. Dry the ID off completely before using it.

Q: How do I clean Baby?

A: View the cleaning suggestions for Baby here. (linked document on cleaning Baby in Support Documents above)

Q: How should I store and charge my RealCare Baby rechargeable battery module to optimize the battery life? 

A: There are several important pieces of storage and charging advice that you can following to optimize Baby’s battery life.
Storage for extended periods (more than three months):

Q: Is there any latex in Baby or the bottle?

A: No. Baby and all accessories do not contain any latex.

Q: The student immersed Baby in water.

A: Infant simulators are computerized, electronic equipment and should not be immersed in water. Water damage can affect the performance of the simulator, possibly rendering it useless. The warranty covering malfunction and repair of Realityworks infant simulators does not cover water damage or replacement electronics.

Take off Baby’s arms and legs. Remove the battery cover and drain any water from the battery area. Do not touch the electronics or batteries. Lay Baby on its belly to dry for at least one week. Then try charging the battery module or inserting batteries. If the LEDs turn on or if Baby beeps, try programming Baby and perform a troubleshooting test. If Baby does not respond, contact Realityworks Product Support at 800.262.3806.

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