Why Did RealCare Baby Shutdown?

By Nate Schlieve, Realityworks Product Support Technician

Did you know that there are four ways that RealCare Baby can turn off before its scheduled stop time? Ever look at your simulation report and see “______ Shutdown” and wondered what it means? The four different methods that can end a simulation early are: Abuse Shutdown, Battery Shutdown, Emergency Shutdown, Neglect Shutdown. Here is what causes the Baby to trigger each
specific shutdown.

Abuse Shutdown – Occurs when the Baby has been mishandled 24 times. That includes head supports, rough handling and shaken baby. Once Baby triggers 24 mishandle events the Baby will turn off.

Battery Shutdown – Battery level drained out enough to stop the simulation.

Emergency Shutdown – This occurs when the button that is above the red light is held down for 6 continuous chimes. This is manual, it will NEVER happen on its own.

Neglect Shutdown – If the Baby does not respond to an ID within 12 continuous hours it will turn itself off. So if the student gets the wrong ID, of the ID does not get programmed, it will turn off in 12 hours.

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36 thoughts on “Why Did RealCare Baby Shutdown?

  1. you have to be careful to the littlest moves you make on the RealCare baby. Like the head support, and the abuse, don’t let the baby cry longer than 2 mins when you hear it crying you immediately figure out why it’s crying.

  2. you have to be careful to the littlest moves you make on the RealCare baby. Like the head support, and the abuse, don’t let the baby cry longer than 2 mins when you hear it crying you immediately figure out why it’s crying. The blog is 4 ways that the RealCare baby can turn off if it’s gotten treated wrong.

  3. I have a real care baby and it was crying and i got up and did every thing that i could and she went back to sleep and then she started to cry again and my mom helped me out and she went back to sleep and then i went back to sleep and the the next morning December 16th 2017 and she didn’t do anything like cry or nothing and i was far a way from her so would not sleep on her please tell me what’s going on with my baby

  4. Hi I was assigned the real care baby for the weekend. I had back to back consecutive care events. I was burping the infant simulator a little too rough. He then let out a cry of a abuse and calmed down within a minute of rocking. The red light is still solid and the yellow the is still flickering at the correct speed. I don’t hear anything when the baby’s neck is being broken, a clickering sound in the speaker of the chest, and has not cried for care in over 12 hours. I need answers what is wrong with my baby

  5. I’m worried that I’m missing too many cares during the night. I’m a really heavy sleeper and have only woken up to one of its night cries. Will my baby shut down?

    1. Baby is LOUD.
      If you don’t care for the baby within the whimpering stage Baby will SCREAM! I don’t think you’ll miss a caring session as long as the baby is near you.

    1. My sister gave me the baby it fell asleep the second she gave it to me I set it down and it hasn’t made a sound since. I’m confused?? Help

  6. My baby was compltely charged 100%. The red light was solid. Whenever I use the baby and program it. After 1-2 hours, or even when It needs a nappy change the baby will automatically end the progam and the report will say “Battery shutdown”. I don’t shut down the baby. It also needs to be connected to a charger to be programmed

    1. The baby is just fine!
      If you’re worried over the baby being shut down try placing the baby on its stomach and see if it cries.
      If the baby is active it should cough or begin to whimper within a little bit.
      This will not count as abuse or rough handling.
      I hope this helps

  7. my baby started at 4pm and didn’t start crying til 6:30pm and then haden’s cried since then and it’s been 3 hours. is this normal?

  8. When my baby first turned on it started crying so I fed the baby for a while then she started to cry a little so I proceeded to burp her. I never heard the burp sound but the chime sound went off and she hasn’t made a noise since. Did I do something wrong ?

  9. i was feeding my baby and it sounded like it was going to cry then stop making noise. i plugged it in and it is making breathing noises will it count as a missed feeding?

  10. So I got assigned the Real Care Baby for the weekend and it didnt turns on until 4 pm. During the school hours, my friends were messing with it as in shaking it and picking it up incorrectly. I dropped the carrier with the baby in it trying to keep my friends from screwing with it more. It was supposed to turn on at 4 pm and it is currently 6:11 pm and it hasn’t made a single noise. The red light on the back is solid and the yellow light flashes every 15-20 seconds. I don’t believe anyone had done anything to the baby that would cause it to break. We were messing with it and didn’t take it seriously cause it was a fake baby doll. Any reason on why it won’t cry or make noise?

  11. I would be feeding my baby and she would just start to cry as if her head wasn’t being supported so I’d rock her for a few seconds and then give her the bottle again and she would be fine. I really don’t think I dropped the head at all. I don’t want to get a bad grade for something I didn’t do

  12. I have taking good care of my baby. It last needed feeding and a diaper change at 2pm. I then put it down gently in its baby carrier. It is now 7pm and it has not made a sound. I checked for the red light to make sure it was not out of battery life and it is on. I then pick up the baby without supporting its neck just to see if it was working and it didn’t cry. What could be wrong with my baby. It was working fine.

  13. I got the opportunity to take a real care baby 3 baby simulator home over the weekend. The report said I immediately killed it, I don’t understand how. Can someone please explain how this happened?

    1. Hi Dionne, please let your instructor know. Once they pull the report they will be able to tell you what happened. Thank you.

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