Here are just a few tips and trick that we hope are helpful to you in running your Baby program.

Are your Babies still in the unopened box they came in? Let us help you get started in 4 easy steps!   
1. Charge your infant simulator for 4-6 hours.
2. Install RealCare Control Center Software.
3. Set up wireless communication by plugging the Xstick into a USB port.
4. Add Babies per the instructions on the insert.

Another great place to start is by watching the RealCare Baby Tutorial – Getting Started video found on our website. Running time is 20 minutes.

Organization tips from the RealCare Advisory Council!
Our RealCare Customer Advisory Council brings you these tips for keeping things organized and making sure items are returned after a simulation:

• Use a zip-top bag with a checklist inside of all Baby items that are to be returned and attach it to a lanyard around Baby’s neck to keep track of it.
• Use a separate small bag for diapers and bottles as they need these things more often . Keep clothing and other items in the larger diaper bag.
• Use a bin system and put the Baby name on the bin.  Keep a master checklist of items that should be in the bin when Baby is returned for keeping track of everything.
• Withhold a student’s grade until they return all items or pay for those items that are missing.
• Do not allow students to remove their wristbands until they have returned everything and checked it all in. If wristband is removed, they start over or it is an automatic fail.

Participant FAQ app for iPhone and Android
Tell the participants in the infant simulation that there is a free app they can download (Android or iTunes) that offers tons of information they can use while they are caring for Baby. It just might save you from those late-night phone calls!

Optimizing RealCare Baby's Battery Life
Here's important storage and charging advice for optimizing Baby's battery life in a printable PDF format!

Support Videos
We've posted tons of videos online covering support topics from Shaken Baby demonstration to RealCare Baby 3 programming and reports. Can't find your answer there? Check out the FAQs section! There's also a student/participant support section that can help answer questions during the infant care simulation.

Online Store
Did you know we have an online store where you can order RealCare supplies and accessories, storage solutions, Pregnancy Profile simulators, Business Education Simulations software, and more? Check it out!
Help! I am a new teacher or new to my school and have a closet full of Babies. Where do I start?
Gather the following information and then call Product Support at 800.830.1416 or email

• Identify which Baby model(s) you have and how many. Use this link if you are not sure: /support/whichbaby
• Check to see if you can find any CDs for the Control Center Software
• Check to see if you can find any curriculum CDs or binders
• Inventory accessories such as bottles, diapers, IDs, and wristbands.
• Gather any remaining items which you believe may be part of the materials such as the XStick, single charger or charging station, or communication pod

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