Starting Your RealCare Baby® Program

RealCare Baby Program Classroom ScenarioFor over 20 years, educators around the world have used the RealCare Baby Program to engage users in early childhood pathways, parenting, nursing, sex education and infant health classes. This evidence-based program pairs comprehensive curriculum and software with the world’s most advanced infant simulator to bring real-world lessons to life.

Simple Steps to Starting a Program

1) Determine the number of Babies you need for your program.


Ask yourself:

  • How many students do you want in the RealCare Baby experience at the same time?
  • How many weeks are you teaching this topic?
  • How long will you send Baby on simulation experiences? (We recommend at least 72 hours.)
  • Will you incorporate Baby into other class lessons?

2) Consider the non-Baby items necessary for running a successful program.


You'll need:

  • An instructor computer (You’ll need access to RealCare Baby’s software for programming, tracking and measuring results)
  • Supplies and accessories (Baby comes with a certain number of items, but depending on your perfect program, you may need more)
  • Space for storage and charging (Do you have an area to charge several Babies that will also keep them safe when not in use?)
  • Training (We have many options to help you learn to use Baby and how to implement the curriculum. Realityworks also offers free monthly webinars and paid for on-site training opportunities.)

3) Consider the content and teaching materials available to support your program.


The RealCare Program includes four sets of curricula, plus activities and presentations slides, for teaching lessons related to childcare careers, parenting and sex education.

4) Talk with your administration about funding options.


The RealCare Baby Program qualifies for Carl Perkins funds, equipment funds, career pathway funds – ask your administrator which ones you have access too.

5) Contact your Account Manager to get started!


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