Realityworks Employee Named to the IMPBA Hall of Fame


EAU CLAIRE, Wis., July 18, 2016 – Mike Zaborowski, Mechanical Engineering Technician for Realityworks, Inc., will join other longtime members of the International Model Power Boat Association’s (IMPBA) Hall of Fame. The award will be given on August 20 at the Minute Breakers Classic Race in Mendota, IL.

IMPBA is a non-profit organization for model boat enthusiasts. It was established in 1949 with a goal to inspire model power boat building and to assist in the formation of clubs. IMPBA sets the rules for racing for the 14 domestic districts and the additional district for everyone outside the US and Canada.

“We were excited to hear one of our employees received an honor like the Hall of Fame induction with IMPBA. This speaks highly of Mike’s talents in design and mechanical engineering. We are proud to have someone with such talents on our product development and engineering team,” said Scott Jameson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Realityworks.

Zaborowski joined IMPBA in 1994 as a boat racing enthusiast looking to take his hobby to a new level. Since joining the organization, he has won 17 national championships, 3 Tunnel Hull world championships and 3 masters championships. He was first drawn to the technical side of boat racing, but since has found the hobby as a place to meet other enthusiasts and to learn from one another.

“I am thankful to those who were nominated to the Hall of Fame. I feel honored to sit beside other members who I have looked up to and I hope I can inspire new members to get involved in the sport,” said Zaborowski. “Boat racing is a huge passion of mine; I like to dig into the mechanics and determine how I can make the boats faster!”

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