Realityworks Sends Welding Baby to Fix Santa’s Sleigh

Armed with Realityworks’ unique welding simulator, RealCare Baby steps in for Santa’s regular welder to ensure the successful delivery of Christmas gifts…

SantasHelpersEau Claire, WI – (December 2013) Realityworks announces today that its RealCare Baby infant simulator, a product originally created to educate students about childcare and teen pregnancy prevention, has successfully completed the welds needed to make Santa’s sleigh operational in time for Christmas.

With his regular welder under the weather and his sleigh runners broken following an unusually windy pre-Christmas Eve practice run, Santa contacted Realityworks to see if RealCare Baby could help. Undaunted by the cold thanks to chilly Midwestern winters, Baby and an assistant traveled immediately to the North Pole with Realtyworks’ teachWELD Welding Simulator, a virtual welder typically used to teach basic welding form and proper technique. Not only did this tool enable Baby to complete the necessary welds, but it left a lasting impression on Santa’s sleigh technician, who kept the tool to instruct other North Pole welders.

“When Santa discovered the broken runners, all of the elves were in a panic,” recalled Jingle, official Welder Elf for Santa’s Workshop. “RealCare Baby arrived quickly and had the perfect tools for the job – tools I look forward to using as I train future welder elves myself.”

A recipient of the 2013 Awards of Excellence by Tech & Learning magazine, Realityworks’ welding simulator allows users to practice basic welding skills in a video game-like setting. Assessments and guides are included, so users can see their progress and learn from their mistakes without the need for costly metals and other consumables.

“I’m thankful to RealCare Baby for taking time to fix my sleigh, but even more thankful that I was introduced to Realityworks’ welding simulator,” said Santa Claus. “Now even more elves can practice welding while I put the money saved by the simulator toward new toy research and workshop improvements.”

“I called Realityworks because their commitment to improving the human condition through interactive technology is impressive. It’s not unlike my own commitment to improving the happiness of children through the joyful giving of toys, and I knew they’d do what they could to help,” continued Santa. “RealCare Baby not only completed the much-needed welds on my sleigh, but made it possible for me to uphold my commitment to children around the world on Christmas Eve.”

About Realityworks, Inc.

Realityworks, Inc. was established 18 years ago with the mission to better address teen pregnancy prevention, parenting skills, and to address child abuse and neglect through educational products. Realityworks is most famous for RealCare Baby (known formerly as Baby Think It Over, BTIO). Over the last decade, this unique company developed several other simulators and programs with the desire to create engaging, experiential learning tools. These tools help educators engage students while bettering the human condition. New products address career preparation areas such as business management, finance and entrepreneurship, and most recently a welding simulation system known as teachWELD. The company has made a worldwide impact, sending simulators into more than 67 percent of U.S. school districts and reaching more than 6,000,000 young people. Programs also extend to more than 89 countries worldwide. For more information, visit, or call toll free at 800-830-1416.

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