Recognize National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month 2015 in Your Classroom

By Denise Bodart, Realityworks RealCare Product Manager

When conducting lessons on pregnancy and pregnancy prevention, students need to consider the short- and long-term consequences of having babies and recognize the responsibilities associated with being pregnant and having a newborn. May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, and a great opportunity to discuss these important topics in your classroom. Here are a few ideas for recognizing this month in your classroom.

Teen Pregnancy

  • Have students to research and familiarize themselves with the resources available in their community for pregnant teens. They could create a Pinterest board of their findings to present to the class.
  • Have students keep a journal of one whole day and night of activities, taking photos and even recording video journal entries. The next day, ask students how being pregnant would affect their daily routines. Have them look at their daily activities and highlight what they would probably have to dramatically change or what would be impossible to do. Break students into small groups for discussion on the implications of being a parent and what would change if they were teen parents today. If you have the Pregnancy Profile Simulator, this would also be a good time to have students try it on and feel what it is like to be a pregnant teen.
  • Are you using RealCare Baby in your program? If so, consider taking the Caregiver Journal Handout online by creating a Facebook Group for your class and having students post their journal entries to the Facebook wall for all to read and discuss afterwards in class. You could also incorporate video journal entries here.


Birth Control

  • Discussion of birth control methods is an important part of educational efforts. You may be able to get free handouts or pamphlets from your state Department of Health, Maternal and Child Health Services or local public health agency. Integrate Pinterest into this activity to engage your students by creating a template board for each student or small group, then have them pin their findings to the board for further discussion.
  • Consider distributing RealCare Babies to students in class. Program the simulators to cry randomly, requiring the students to cope with the crying infants while trying to take notes and listen. Conclude all of this with a discussion of the difficulty of being a student and a teen parent at the same time

College vs. Full-Time Employment

  • Show videos about teen parents discussing their desire to further their education but having to work full-time jobs instead. Create a YouTube channel and playlist for the videos you find relating to teen parents speaking about the impact that a pregnancy has had on their life goals. Have class discussions about how this would make you feel, and what this would do to you mentally.
  • Look at jobs that you can get without a college degree and wages from those jobs versus jobs that can be attained with college degrees, and those wages. Discuss life aspirations versus life necessities.
  • Have students take a piece of paper and write down the top 10 goals that they have for their life. Break students into small groups. Each student should present their list to the group and the group should identify how they think each goal would be impacted if they would get pregnant now.

For more information and ideas on National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, visit the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy website.