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The Babies have become so much more than just a project for these students. They have really become a great discussion piece for choosing to parent or building their resumes for jobs.

Amanda Klenke, FACS Teacher, Battle High School, Colombia, MO Download Full Story

About 170 kids have gone through the program and only one of those students has gotten pregnant. The effectiveness of the program is very, very high.

Dr. Wanda Eppes, School Psychologist, Cripple Creek-Victor School District, Crip, Cripple Creek, CO Download Full Story

Infant Simulators Provide Middle School Students with Realistic Taste of Parenthood.

After spending 48 hours with Realityworks’ RealCare® Baby infant simulators, Gulf Middle School eighth-grade students return to class with a realistic taste of parenthood – and a realistic view of the repercussions their decisions regarding sexual activity might have.

Leisha Roy, Health Teacher & District Specialist for Heath Education, Gulf Middle School, Cape Coral, FL Download Full Story

The products are simple to use and easily understandable for students. In addition, the program outline fits in well with North Carolina’s sex education health curriculum.

Marsha Miller, RN, BSN, NCSN School Nurse, Darden Middle School, Wilson, NC Download Full Story

The kids come into it  thinking that they are doing something for fun, that they’re playing with a doll… and they come out of it with a good foundation, a good understanding of what it might be like to be a teen parent.

Michele Clark, Director for Adolescent Initiatives, Brownsville Health Center, Thomas Jefferson High School, Brooklyn, NY Download Full Story

We want these students to realize that a baby is not just a toy thing, but that there are real responsibilities… Most of the students come back not wanting children right away!

Monique Knapp, Health Teacher, Campbell-Savona Central School District, Campbell, Campbell, NY Download Full Story

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