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“Having something like the Bovine Breeder is a great substitute so I don’t have to stress the farmers to get the kids out there… I can work in the simulator when I need to, then we can visit the farm when it works out.”

William Fritz, Agriculture Education Instructor, Rolla High School, Rolla, ND

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“The biggest reaction has been, ‘wow, I didn’t expect to do this here,’… I’ve taught some of these kids two or three times already, and none of them expected to do this in food science. They’re excited – it’s so different.”

Jennifer Hebert, Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher, FCCLA Advisor, Beau Chene High School, Arnaudville, LA

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“We found that the simulators really push the students. By the time they get done with them, they’re ready for the real thing and they jump right in.”

Dan Leinen, Agriculture Education Teacher, Harlan Community High School, Harlan, IA

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