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Are "distance" and "stick out" terms that are used interchangably?

Distance and stick out are the same - both refer to the distance the welding gun is from the coupon.

Can I delete a workstation from my list?

No. Once you have added a workstation, it will remain there for future usage. The next time you plug in the workstation that has already been set up, you can skip the workstation setup step.

Can instructors have the ability to change their own username and password?


Does teachWELD work on a Mac?

Apple products are currently not supported.

How do I find the workstation number if its serial number is missing?

If the serial number is missing you must contact Product Support at 800.830.1416. They will have your serial number on file.

How many workstations can I have on a single computer?

Only one workstation works per computer at a time. However, you can use any workstation on any computer as long as you go through the “add new workstation” process.

I need to order more student accounts; who do I contact?

Please contact our your account manager at 800.262.3806.

I pull the trigger, but nothing happens on the screen.

When you pull the trigger and the gun is not touching the welding coupon, nothing will happen on the screen. Just like a real welding arc, the welding gun must first touch the metal to close the circuit. Therefore, you must have your gun placed on the virtual welding coupon to be able to close the circuit and begin welding. So the virtual world is exactly like the real world experience of striking an arc.

If I do not use all student accounts in a year, will they carry over to the next year?

No. Student accounts are reserved for one year. After the year is over they must be renewed whether they have been used or not.

If I forget my username and password, can you reset it for me?

Yes. Please contact Product Support at 800.830.1416.

One of my welding coupons is broken.

If your coupon is broken, please call Realityworks Product Support at 800.830.1416 for a replacement coupon (available for purchase).

The gun on the screen does not move.

When you are in practice mode, make sure that the Inspection icon is not engaged. When looking at the Main Menu, make sure that the Main Menu is closed before trying a weld.

The welding gun jumps all over the screen when I move it close to the coupon.

If you see the gun jumping on the screen, there are two things that could be causing the problem. The first is calibration. Recalibrate both the workstation and the coupons. The second issue may be interference with metal. Check to make sure that you don’t have metal objects too close to the workstation. The workstation must maintain a distance of about 3 feet from any heavy metal objects.

There is a rattling noise in the workstation.

The workstation contains electrical components that work directly with the computer and software. These electronic components, when in use, may make small amounts of noise. However, persistent rattling noises inside the workstation may indicate movement of the internal hardware. Always transport and use the teachWELD workstation carefully, and if the rattle affects the use of the system, please call Product Support at 800.830.1416.

What are the acceptable ranges when calibrating the welding gun and coupon?

Acceptable ranges in calibration mean that you are in the correct position by a varying degree. In this case, to be able to create an accurate weld, the workstation calibration range should be lower than 0.1; for the coupon calibration, there is no range as this is a guide showing what parameters the data should show.

What is the difference between WS and WS-Local?

WS and WS-Local give two different pieces of calibration information. WS shows a workstation that has not been calibrated, but rather is the factory default calibration. WS-Local shows that the local workstation, once plugged in, will go to the calibration settings of the workstation's last user. So if you are a new user of that workstation, you will want to use the WS and recalibrate to your specifications. If you are returning to that workstation and were the last user to calibrate it, you can use WS-Local, as it is already set to your calibration specifications.

What problems could occur if someone were to enter the wrong workstation serial number when adding a new workstation, and the number is recognized by the software?

Calibration details are saved with each workstation. If you enter a serial number for an already-existing workstation, you will automatically be using the calibration details for that workstation, rather than calibrating the new workstation. This could cause some issues when using the unit.

When I log into my account, images are missing.

If you see images that are missing, first try logging out and logging in again. If that does not work, call Product Support at 800.830.1416 to see if there is a server error or new software download that you have not uploaded.

Where are the welding diagnostic information and reports saved?

The diagnostic information is saved in the cloud, which is an online server system hosted by Realityworks that allows students and instructors to be able to view all welding results.

Why do some of the welds say the position is"horizontal" and some say "flat" when they are all horizontal welds?

Not all the welds are horizontal. The t-joint and lap joint are horizontal and the v-groove is flat.

Why does the teachWELD gun look like it's "out in space"?

The welding gun has a “ghosting” look when the gun is not in the correct position. As you move the gun to the correct work angle, travel angle, and stick out distance, the “ghost” gun starts to disappear. This is an added feature that helps the user understand proper welding technique.

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