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Support Videos

Unboxing - guideWELD VR (1:15 min)

Downloading and Installing - guideWELD VR (4:34 min)

Logging in as an Admin and Creating an Instructor Account - guideWELD VR (5:51 min)

Logging in as an Instructor, Creating Classes, Adding Students and Giving the Students Assignments - guideWELD VR (7:09 min)

Performing a MIG weld - guideWELD VR (8:18 min)

Performing a STICK weld - guideWELD VR (4:36 min)

Support Documents and Downloads

Installing Windows - guideWELD VR
Installing Mac - guideWELD VR
Creating a class - guideWELD VR
Adding students to a class - guideWELD VR
Giving assignments - guideWELD VR
Creating an instructor account - guideWELD VR
How to perform a weld - guideWELD VR

System Requirements

Verify that your equipment meets the minimum
requirements to run guideWELD VR.



NOTE: You may need to contact your IT personnel to enter the 
administrative rights to complete installation of this software.

Windows   Mac

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