Take Your Career Readiness Lessons to the Next Level

By Denise Bodart, Realityworks RealCare Product Manager

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have a significant impact on the U.S. economy. Consider these statistics:

  • According to Entrepreneur Magazine, there are between 25 million and 27 million small businesses in the U.S., and they account for 60 to 80 percent of all U.S. jobs
  • According to Forbes, employer-based businesses make up more than 75% of all businesses currently operating in the U.S. Also, more than half of the aforementioned businesses are operated out of people’s homes.

What does this mean for Career & Technical Education (CTE) professionals? It means that chances are pretty favorable that some of your students will go on to start their own businesses – and you can help them be prepared.

CTE professionals nationwide know how important it is to ensure that students graduate with the broad range of skills needed to succeed in 21st Century careers. Here at Realityworks, we’re doing our part to help CTE educators teach transferable career skills in welding, childcare, business, healthcare and more. When students use the experiential learning tools that make up our RealCareer® Welding Solutions or RealCare® Total Parenting Experience product lines in the classroom, they are learning job skills that can be used in future occupations.

You can take your career readiness lessons to the next level by teaching your students entrepreneurship skills in tandem with hands-on, transferable career skills. Tools like our RealCareer® Business Education Simulations gives students hands-on experience starting a business and making business management decisions. They put students in control of their learning, teaching them critical marketing, finance and management decision-making skills. This set of 3 business simulations is a valuable addition to any CTE course; the skills taught in the Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Business Finance simulations are useful when starting and managing any type of business venture.

Learn more about our Business Education Simulations by watching this SlideShare presentation.


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