Update: Teen Dad Successfully Campaigns for Revised High School Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

The following is an update on teen father Devin Davis, who we first posted about here. A senior at Ticonderoga High School in New York and a teen parent, Devin dedicated his final project to creating a new sex education curriculum for his school that focused more on teen pregnancy prevention. On May 29, 2014, he presented his project to the Ticonderoga Central School District Board of Education.

Ticonderoga High School Senior Devin Davis has a lot to be proud of. Within the next week, he will not only graduate from high school, but celebrate the acceptance by the Ticonderoga Central School District Board of Education of his revised sex education curriculum.

This curriculum was designed as part of his senior project, which Davis chose to help reduce the high rate of teen pregnancy at his high school. A teen parent himself, Davis knows firsthand the challenges of being a father at his age, and believes that giving his peers a taste of that experience will help them make better decisions regarding their sexual activity in the future.


“The world is changing. According to a study I conducted at school as part of my project, 59 percent of students are sexually active before they start high school,” said Davis, who also recommended that sex education be a mandatory course for high school freshman. “You’re not going to be able to teach just abstinence anymore; rather, we have to figure out a way to control the activity that’s already happening.”

On May 29, 2014, Devin presented his revisions to the board of education, which feature the incorporation of RealityworksRealCare Baby infant simulators. The board voted to accept his revisions, which Davis and Ticonderoga High School Health Teacher James Decker will finalize this summer.

Those revisions include the following changes to the school’s current curriculum:

  • A shift in focus from STDs, contraception efficacy and brief discussions of relevant topics to the experience of parenthood and its “harsh realities” through the use of RealCare Baby infant simulators and the Total Parenting Experience program
  • Live panel discussions from teen parents
  • A change from abstinence-based discussion to discussion that features contraceptives
  • Help for students in determining what birth control method would best suit their lifestyles

In addition to incorporating the curriculum revisions into the school’s sex education program, Devin hopes to find the funding for 30 RealCare Baby infant simulators, which he views as the curriculum’s main component.

“The big purchase is the simulators,” said Davis, who will return to Ticonderoga High School next year to monitor program progress. “After all, it’s the experience. With them, the lessons won’t just go in one ear and out the other – students will get it.”

Author’s Note: For your review, Davis has shared the PowerPoint presentation used to propose the health class curriculum changes to his school board. Davis’ goal is to finish the curriculum with his health teacher and have in effect for the 2014-2015 school year. Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.