Using RealCare Baby in a Clinical Setting

The National American University (NAU) in Bloomington, Minn. believes skills laboratories are an important part of nursing training.  These settings provide a realistic environment before students work with real patients to work on nursing skills, such as CPR and drawing blood.

NAU decided to incorporate RealCare Baby in a health promotion course, to provide students with true-to-life interaction with infants. In addition to the feeding, burping, soothing and diaper-changing, students also practice taking vital signs and measurements.

Several RealCare Babies are put into a demonstration mode and simulation modes, depending on how long they will be working on infant care.   NAU has an ample supply of infant simulators so students can all work on skills simultaneously. In many cases, theory is presented through lectures and presentations, and then the students move into simulation during two-hour sessions in the lab. The learning is magnified when students see skills demonstrated and then they do it.