We are happy to announce that our newest Baby has arrived…. RealCare Baby 3!

In our continued quest to make RealCare Baby and the Total Parenting Experience as real as possible, our RealCare Baby 3 provides these new benefits:

  • Teach Life Skills: Enhanced technology makes Baby more realistic than ever.  New detectable clothing with sensors helps teach the importance of changing an infant and dressing appropriately for conditions.  Baby now comes with a sleeper, infant bodysuit and outerwear in addition to the two-piece outfit!
  • Save Lives: Lifesaving “Ripped from the Headlines” topics are now included on the impact of leaving Baby in a hot or cold vehicle.  A new temperature sensing device is embedded in Baby to record Baby’s internal temperature during the simulation experience.
  • Ensure Interaction with Baby: Enhanced car seat detection ensures students learn to interact with Baby and not leave them unattended in a carseat too long.  Carseats now include a detection sensor.  You can also add detection capability to your existing carseats with available kits.
  • Enhanced reporting:  Temperature sensing, car seat and clothing detection data allow for additional talking points with students.  Helpful graphs and charts report this data to instructors.
  • Save time:  Get new ready-to-use lesson plans on safe and comfortable temp and clothing for infants and preventing Flat Head Syndrome.  Receive slideshows and handouts already prepared for use immediately.
  • Gain Efficiency – Enhanced Control Center Software is compatible with RealCare Baby 2+ and  3 so you can manage both Babies from the same system.

The greatest benefit of these new features is that participants are now making real parenting decisions as they go through the simulation experience.  Any new parent will tell you that it is very realistic to change a baby’s clothing multiple times during the day.  Participants need to ensure that Baby is dressed appropriately, changed often and safe from exposure to excessive heat or cold in vehicles or outside.