Welding Students Excel with Innovative Welding Simulator

By Janelle Krause, Realityworks PR & Events Specialist

With a school motto of “Bridging academics and technology,” it’s no surprise that instructors at the J. Harley Bonds Career Center in Greer, SC enjoy using advanced technology to teach students the skills they need to pursue an associate degree, a four-year degree or a career following graduation. By combining academics and advanced technology, this technical school enables students to pursue career interests like animation, culinary arts, machine tooling and welding while they earn high school credit.

Realityworks offers both a virtual reality welding simulator and a live welding guidance system for welding education and training.

One piece of technology that has been particularly successful at the career center is the guideWELD® VR welding simulator by Realityworks. Since December 2014, center instructors have been using this tool to teach welding students basic techniques while emphasizing safety and saving money on the consumables that are needed for live welding.

Success during first use Rodian Manjarres is a second-year student with a lot of experience using guideWELD® VR. Her first experience with the welding simulator occurred after her welding instructors, Todd Varholy and Eddie Squires, encouraged her to use it to prepare for her Action Skills competition at that year’s SkillsUSA National Skills & Leadership Conference. Because the  welding simulator provides users with real-time feedback on basic welding form and positioning in a virtual environment, both instructors felt that it would allow competition judges to understand Rodian’s welding skills more easily than if Rodian just explained how she welded.

South Carolina welding student Rodian Manjarres used the guideWELD® VR welding simulator during the South Carolina SkillsUSA competition earlier this year.

Learn how Rodian trained on the welding simulator and eventually honed her skills enough to beat most of her classmates – and keep an eye on her angle while conducting live welding – by downloading the complete customer testimonial.

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