#WhereInTheWorldIsBaby: Announcing a New Way to Connect with RealCare Baby Users Around the Globe


Did you know that Realityworks’ products and programs are used in more than 90 countries around the world? We’re proud of the international impact RealCare Baby® and our other experiential learning tools are making in education, health and human services programs and workforce development programs across the globe – and we want you to take advantage of that impact!

With the hashtag #WhereInTheWorldIsBaby, you can connect with educators and program leaders who are using RealCare Baby infant simulators to teach young people child care career skills, prevent teen pregnancies, promote healthy decision-making and more. From health teachers in South Africa and educators in Turkey to program users in Puerto Rico and educators in the United States, you won’t know who #WhereInTheWorldIsBaby will enable you to connect with until you start using it.

Once you start, you can use the hashtag to promote your own RealCare program, see what others are doing, get inspired and more!

Looking for ways to refresh your program? Maybe a program user in Mexico is engaging his or her students in a way that inspires you. Looking for ways to start a new program? Perhaps an educator in Turkey is promoting their program in a way you could learn from. Would you like to incorporate social media into your program? Encourage your students to post with the tag #WhereInTheWorldIsBaby to document and reflect on their own experiences. Want to show your students the value an experience with Baby can have? Suggest they search their own news feeds for #WhereInTheWorldIsBaby to see how other young people are reacting to their experiences.

We’ll be watching Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for photos, videos and messages tagged with #WhereInTheWorldIsBaby. We hope you’ll join us in discovering the international impact this infant simulator can have!

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4 thoughts on “#WhereInTheWorldIsBaby: Announcing a New Way to Connect with RealCare Baby Users Around the Globe

    1. Thank you for your enquiry, Dessa. Due to the educational nature of RealCare Baby, we sell only to educational institutions and professional organizations, not individuals. But you can certainly enquire with your local schools and county programs to see if they use Baby in a Teen Pregnancy Prevention program or other related program!

  1. I teach at Addelita Cancryn Junior High School in St. Thomas Virgin Islands since 199. We have used all three generations of Baby Think It Over. Our program goal is to prevent teenage pregnancy. Our 7th and 8th grade students take care of Real Care Baby for two days on campus. They are learning that having a baby at a young age is a big responsibility and it takes away their freedom to do teen activities.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Gloria! We love hearing how RealCare Baby is being used all over the world. Please feel free to tweet or post photos of your students using Baby with the hashtag #WhereInTheWorldIsBaby so other Baby users can be inspired!

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