Why Parents Support the RealCare® Program: A Personal Letter

When we work with educators, social service directors, counselors and other instructors about the use of our RealCare® Total Parenting Experience product line for parenting, child care and teen pregnancy prevention programs, we often hear the honest, heartfelt reactions that students have to our experiential learning tools. From wearing the RealCare Pregnancy Profile between classes and caring for RealCare Baby over the weekend to seeing the RealCare Shaken Baby Simulator demonstrated in person and hearing the cry of our RealCare Drug-Affected Baby, these reactions range from silly to serious and most of all, memorable.


Reactions from the parents and guardians of these students are a little harder to come by, but just as important. Our research shows that when a student brings RealCare Baby home, communication between guardian/parents and child opens immensely. Having the Baby in the household can bring up difficult yet critical conversations that need to be had with youth. When our customers take the time to share those reactions with us, we are reminded why we do what we do. Our mission is to enhance the lives of our customers, community and employees by impacting them in positive ways, and these reactions affirm that, with the help of educators and instructors across the country, we are doing just that.

Below is a letter that a Missouri Family & Consumer Sciences teacher recently shared with us. It was written by the parent of one of her students, who had just spent the weekend caring for RealCare Baby. This handwritten, three-page letter is a great reminder of just how supportive parents can be for the realistic, hands-on parenting experience provided by RealCare Baby and our Total Parenting Experience product line.


Click here to read the letter in its entirety.

RealCare Program users, what is the most memorable reaction you’ve ever gotten to your own program? Share your story in the comments below!

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