3 Ways guideWELD® LIVE Can Benefit Your Welding Students

3 Ways guideWELD® LIVE Can Benefit Your Welding Students

When we talk to educators about developing successful, 21st Century welding programs, we recommend starting students on virtual reality training tools like the guideWELD® VR welding simulator. After all, the safe, spark-free environment that virtual reality creates gives first-time welders a no-pressure opportunity to explore the skill and start developing correct muscle memory. To further develop a 21st Century welding program and help students hone specific skills, we suggest incorporating the guideWELD® LIVE real welding guidance system as the next step in their welding training process.

This unique tool is not a simulator. Rather, it gives the user real-time feedback on basic welding techniques inside his or her welding helmet, almost like an instructor in the welding booth, while he or she is conducting a live weld – sparks flying and everything.

How can guideWELD LIVE impact your welding students? Here are the 3 benefits we hear the most often – directly from our guideWELD LIVE customers.

1. guideWELD LIVE helps foster confidence.

“When my students finish a weld, they show me so I can see how they’re doing and provide feedback,”  Texas welding instructor George Karr told us. “After using guideWELD LIVE, students were providing me with feedback first, which was great – in a real-world situation, your boss is going to ask you why it’s this way or that way, so this tool helps in that sense, too.”

Do you have a student whose skills are adequate but who needs a confidence boost? Use your guideWELD LIVE system to give them focused, feedback-driven practice sessions. As their skills improve, so will their confidence

2. guideWELD LIVE helps hone specific skills

“The machine really helped me pick up my own travel angel – really, anything really technical that you need to be hitting for a good weld,” an Arizona high school welding student recently told us. “You could be slightly varianced, and this machine really helps you pick up on that and fine-tune your welding experience.”

Although the guideWELD LIVE helmet can show three guides at once – work angle, travel angle and speed – you can activate only one at a time to address certain techniques.

3. guideWELD LIVE helps retrain experienced students

“This system is good for students who come out of industry or another program or from being taught at home and had bad habits,” Kansas welding instructor Greg Siepert told us. “Habits are hard to break, and this helps  – they know exactly what to correct in real time.”

If you have students who are familiar with the basics of welding but have developed bad habits, let them practice with guideWELD LIVE. The system’s real-time feedback will tell them right away what they need to correct, helping them re-train their muscles and develop correct techniques.

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Wondering how much it would cost to bring live welding guidance into your program? Contact our Account Services team for more information, or click here.

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