Competition among coworkers yields unexpected donation for Chippewa Valley charity

(October 31, 2018) Eau Claire, Wis. – Realityworks, Inc., a local developer of educational tools and resources, has discovered the impact that friendly competition can have on a charity event – and as a result, is giving back to the community in a unique way.

The employee-owned company celebrates Employee Ownership Month (ESOP) every October with various activities, and on October 1, it announced a new company challenge: A Penny War-funded charitable giving drive to support iHeartMedia’s Christmas is for Children program. The twist: First prize would be an executive-served pizza party; second prize would be an executive-served donut party and third prize would be two pies in the face of a third company executive. Realityworks’ Charitable Giving Committee, which organized the event, hoped to raise a few hundred dollars by giving this annual drive a competitive spin; instead, the company announced on Halloween that they had raised $2,615.98.

“The ESOP ownership model fits our all-for-one, one-for-all culture perfectly, as Realityworks employees have always been encouraged to adopt an ownership mentality,” said Realityworks President & CEO Timm Boettcher, who got a pie in the face following his team’s third-place status at the end of the competition (they raised $170 less than the winning team, which collected $971.59 in pennies). “This competition is a great example of the success that can come from collaboration – and a little competition!”

Realityworks has supported the Christmas is for Children campaign every holiday season for the past four years; in 2017, they raised enough funds through a non-competitive giving drive to support the purchase of holiday gifts for 16 children. This year, their Penny Wars total will enable the 70-person Realityworks team to support 74 local children.

“Here at Realityworks, we measure our success not only by profitability but by how many lives are positively impacted because of our efforts. I am delighted that this mentality applies to both business and charitable giving endeavors,” said Boettcher. “Our team has taken to heart the thought that collaboration will go a long way toward making us something exceptional, and I couldn’t be prouder.”

About Realityworks, Inc.

Established over 20 years ago to better address teen pregnancy prevention, parenting skills, child abuse and neglect through educational products, Realityworks, Inc. is dedicated to creating experiential learning tools that engage students, teach needed skills and provide career exploration opportunities. Most famous for their RealCare Baby® infant simulator (formerly known as Baby Think it Over® or BTIO®), Realityworks now provides comprehensive learning solutions that pair curriculum with hands-on learning aids, student activities and assessment tools to create innovative learning environments. These solutions are used in middle, secondary and post-secondary schools to address a variety of Career & Technical Education pathways, including health & human services, health sciences, welding and trade skills, agriculture education, sex education and more. With simulators in 62 percent of U.S. school districts and programs in more than 90 countries around the world, Realityworks has made a worldwide impact. For more information, visit, or call toll-free 800-830-1416.

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