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This center features a variety of organization and school funding resources and ideas. It includes information about Perkins and capital equipment funds, donation and fundraising ideas, tips for using community volunteer organizations and grant writing best practices. We even offer a FREE searchable grants database, which represents over 200,000 opportunities and almost $18 million in available funding.

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Idea 1 - School Funding
In this section, you can school funding resources like Perkins funding, capital equipment funds, operating funds, title funding and local education foundations.

Idea 2 - Fundraising, Sponsorship & Donations
In this section, you can find information about using community service organizations, local businesses, and private and community foundations as funding resources. We even offer a FREE slideshow presentation on fundraising that you can tailor to your own needs!

Idea 3 - PTAs, Organizations & Booster Clubs
In this section, you can learn how local organizations like the PTA can be used as a fundraising effort for your program.

Idea 4 - Grants
In this section, you can explore a variety of grant resources, including grant writing best practices, keyword suggestions and even a free Letter of Proposal and Letter of Inquiry template!

Idea 5 - Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet. In the case of education, crowdfunding sites can be used to raise funds for everything from paper and pens to infant simulators and curriculum. In this section, you can browse our recommendations for educational crowdfunding sources. 

Other resources:

Watch a webinar on funding tips and tricks
Presented by current Oklahoma City Public Schools Business Industry Career Development Coordinator DJ Watts-Bowker, M.S. M.Ed., this webinar includes grant-writing tips and tricks she learned over her 17 years in the Family & Consumer Sciences field.
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RealCare Funding Presentation Slides
Click here to download a FREE program funding presentation slides. Designed specifically for our Total Parenting Experience and RealCare Baby, it can be edited to fit your individual program needs.

RealCareer guideWELD Funding Presentation Slides
Click here to download a FREE set of funding presentation slides designed specifically for guideWELD VR and guideWELD LIVE products. The presentation can be edited to fit your program request needs.

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