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The RealCare™ Program has been used for years to teach career exploration, family roles, human development, parenting and interpersonal relationships. Now, our Geriatric Simulators can help extend meaningful conversations regarding the other end of the age spectrum. With our Geriatric Simulators, participants learn how to provide care for older adults while developing empathy and understanding. Participants will come away with a greater understanding of the entire lifespan as a result of these measurable and memorable simulation experiences.

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Geriatric Simulator
This wearable simulator enables users to personally experience a variety of age-related physical challenges, helping them develop sensitivity and understanding toward the elderly.
  • Wearable simulator
  • Visual impairment glasses
  • Walker
  • Storage case
  • Quick start guide
  • Curriculum

Geriatric Sensory Impairment Kit
This kit includes 3 wearable components that simulate hearing impairment, arthritis and hand tremors. 
  • Hearing Impairment Simulator 
  • Geriatric Arthritis Simulator 
  • Tremor Simulator
  • Storage cases
  • Quick start guides
  • Curriculum

Geriatric Medication Management Kit

Geriatric Medication Management Simulation Kit
Intended as a class activity, the kit enables users to experience a loss of tactile sensation and visual impairments while trying to manage several prescriptions.
  • Each 12-student simulation kit contains: A set of 6 pill bottles with prescription labels for activities, plastic pill capsules (one 1000-count bag), cataract simulation glasses, sensory impairment gloves
  • Storage case
  • Quick start guide
  • Curriculum

Hemiplegia Simulator

Hemiplegia Simulator
The Hemiplegia Simulator is a wearable simulator that enables users to experience paralysis on one side of the body (hemiplegia) to gain an understanding of patients’ or family members’ disabilities due to stroke or similar conditions.
  • One-size-fits-all simulator with an adjustable cane, arm sling, wrist brace, knee immobilizer, eyepatch and ear plugs (may be used on either side of the body)
  • Storage case
  • Quick start guide
  • Curriculum

decubitus ulcer skin condition kit

Pressure Injury Simulation Kit
Create real-world situations in which students can practice diagnosing, cleaning and dressing Stage 1 through Stage 4 pressure injuries.  The pressure injuries in this kit are pliable and lifelike, with the ability to be placed on human or manikin skin. They feature tissue degradation and can even have purulent discharge. 
  • Stage 1 through 4 pressure injuries and heel wound pressure injury in light and dark skin tones
  • Adhesion gel (wound bond)
  • Purulent discharge (pus)
  • Curriculum

Geriatric Skin Conditions Kit
This complete kit gives students real-world experience assessing 9 common skin conditions that may occur on aging skin. Each condition model can be adhered to human or manikin skin and features detailed tissue that can be examined.
  • 9 geriatric skin condition models: shingles, benign and cancerous lesions, bruise, burn, thinned skin, age spots, eczema, dry skin, lesion
  • Adhesive gel (wound bond)
  • “Assessing Skin Conditions in the Elderly” DVD
  • 18” x 24” skin conditions poster
  • 36 skin conditions flashcards
  • Curriculum

Geriatric Nursing Manikin
Designed for various nursing courses to teach clinical nursing and patient care skills, this hands-on, comprehensive learning aid is a key tool for patient care training. Use the Geriatric Nursing Manikin to practice over 15 basic nursing functions, from hair and face washing to colostomy care.
  • Life-sized Geriatric Nursing Manikin
  • Interchangeable genitalia
  • Interchangeable female/male chest inserts
  • Stages 1 through 4 pressure ulcers
  • Pajamas
  • Storage bag
  • Quick start guide
  • Curriculum

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