Culinary Career Scenario Cards

Employability Skills Scenario Cards

These pathway/occupation-specific workplace scenario cards cover real-world situations in culinary careers. Use these cards to develop soft skills within specific occupations through small-group discussions, as a large-group icebreaker or as an individual challenge. They can be purchased as individual pathway packs or as a CTE pathway 6-pack. Additionally, the scenarios correlate to the Culinary Scenarios Student Workbooks, which also make a great addition to your program.

Use the program to:

  • Supplement existing employability skills
  • Teach a complete unit on skills
  • Generate real-life discussions
  • Prompt reflection activities
  • Generate ice-breaker activities


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    • 19-lesson teacher guide
    • Set of 20 student workbooks
    • 19 Career-Ready Workplace Scenario Cards
    • 33 presentation slides


The 19-lesson Employability Skills Program curriculum was designed to help participants learn and apply key soft skills needed for the workforce. Curriculum contents include:

  • Teacher guide
  • Set of 20 student workbooks
  • 19 Career-Ready Workplace Scenario Cards
  • 33 presentation slides
  • Pre and Post-Summative Assessment
  • Curriculum aligns to a wide variety of employability standards and assessments.

Employability Skills Program Curriculum – Sample

Employability Skills Student Workbook – Sample

Employability Skills Scenario Cards – Sample

Employability Skills Program Curriculum Overview

Alignment and Crosswalk Documents


  • Teacher guide: 8.5 x 11 inches, 89 pages
  • Student workbook: 8.5 x 11 inches, 76 pages
  • Scenario cards: 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 21 cards
  • Available pathways/career sets:
    • Agriculture Scenario Cards
    • Child Care Scenario Cards
    • Culinary Scenario Cards
    • Geriatrics Scenario Cards
    • Nursing Scenario Cards
    • Welding Scenario Cards

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