Measurement Math Training Kit

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Introduce students to more than 250 different measurements with the manipulatives and lessons in the Measurement Math Training Kit. Use these manipulatives with various rulers, including tape measures and calipers. Train and test their measurement math skills through a comprehensive curriculum, student workbooks, and hands-on activities. Additionally, students have access to interactive online lessons to reinforce knowledge.


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  • 5 sets which each include
    • 5 measurement tools
    • Ruler
    • Storage case
  • Workbooks (20-pack)
  • Online access to curriculum
  • Student access to online lessons and activities
  • 1-year limited warranty


Measurement Math

Lesson topics:
1. Metric and Standard Readings
2. How to Read a Ruler/Tape Measure
3. How to Read and Use a Caliper
4. Decimals
5. Conversions
6. Measurements Using a Tape Measure
7. Measurements Using a Caliper

Teaching hours: 5-10
Includes: Presentation slides and student activities

Measurement Math Curriculum Overview

Measurement Math Student Workbook Sample

Measurement Math Curriculum Sample

Trade Skills Curriculum Overview


Career Preparation

What classes would benefit from the Measurement Math Training Kit?

  • This kit would be great for many CTE programs, especially Trade Skills courses. Shop math classes may include: Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Auto Mechanics, Machining and Forming Technologies Pathway, PLTW Design and Modeling, Aircraft Theory of Flight and Operation, Binding and Finishing, Foundations of Engineering, Introduction to Lathe

What career opportunities could this kit help students prepare for?

  • While there are many careers that depend on quality measurement skills, here are a several examples: CAD/CAM Specialist, Quality Technicians/Inspectors, Tool and Die Makers, Machinists and CNC Machinists/Machine Tool Programmers, Welders, Engineering Technicians, Machinery Maintenance Workers, Industrial Machinery, CNC Machine Operators, Manufacturing Engineer, Materials/Supply Management Specialist, Quality Assurance Technician

General Usage

Will I have access to the online and classroom curricula?

  • Yes! BOTH the online and classroom curricula are included with the product. Online curriculum is great for engaging students wherever they are in their learning. The online curriculum includes videos, knowledge checks and online activities. Classroom curriculum includes presentation slides, workbooks, worksheets, assessments and activities.

Can I purchase additional workbooks?

  • Yes! You can purchase additional workbooks here

What measurement systems are taught in the lessons?

  • Lessons address metric and standard readings; how to read and use a ruler/tape measure and caliper; and how to use decimals and conversions; and more

Do you offer product support?

  • Yes! Our product support team is available M-F 8am-5pm Central Time via phone, email or chat. Contact customer support here

What additional program support do you provide?

  • We offer free webinarsblogs and classroom resources to help your program succeed
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