Vinyl Male Catheterization Simulator

Our Vinyl Male Catheterization Simulator gives students a hands-on, true-to-life opportunity to practice general urethral catheterization procedures on a life-sized pelvis model with realistic genitalia. Use Realityworks’ catheterization trainers to give students authentic, hands-on catheterization practice with the most lifelike genitalia models on the market. Features include accurate urine flashback, realistic training with proper positioning as well as resistance in actual catheterization.

Each catheterization model by Realityworks also includes the FAST-fluid™ management system for quick and easy procedure prep.

Also available in a female version.


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  • Realistic catheterization trainer with vinyl torso (available in female or male)
  • Tabletop stand
  • Foley closed system catheter tray (14 French)
  • Straight urethral catheterization tray (14 French)
  • FAST-fluid™ management system
  • Curriculum
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Storage case


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