Chicken Model

The Chicken Model is a life-sized replica of a hen. The outside showcases a realistic muscular system, while the inside separates at the midline to reveal 7 removeable body parts and organs, the digestive and reproductive systems.

Chicken Model



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  1. Chicken Model Curriculum Overview

    Agriculture Science Models

    • Model on display stand
    • Cross-sectional view of internal and external anatomy
    • 7 removable parts
    • Quick start guide
    • Online access to curriculum, student activities and presentation slides
    • 1-year limited warranty
  2. Product Dimensions: 15” x 5” x 17.5”
    Product Weight: 6 Pounds


    • Life-size replica of a hen
    • Cross-sectional view of internal and external anatomy, including female reproductive system
    • Full-color details
    • 7 fully detachable organs and internal body parts, including an egg
    • Cross-section begins at midline

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