RealCare Downloads

Step 1

Please click on the correct software update button for your operating system. This will install an update to the current version, or a full installation if needed.

PC Software Update

Mac Software Update

Important notes: You may need to contact your IT personnel to enter the administrative rights to complete this download. System requirements are Windows XP or newer OR Mac OS 10.4 or newer.

Step 2

Please click on the button to install an XStick/Comm Pod Driver Update.

XStick/Comm Pod Drive Update

You will see a chart called “Currently Supported VCP Drivers”. In that chart, find your operating system.

For Windows, click on the words “setup executable” under the “Comments” column on the right-hand side of the table. Then follow the prompts to install.

For Mac, click on the version number that is listed in the “Mac” row under the “PPC” column. Then follow the prompts to install.