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From the best ways to utilize technology in a welding lab to curricula discussions and career exploration, our RealCareer® webinars address a variety of topics related to our RealCareer® Welding Solutions products and curricula. View archived webinars below.

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Explore Welding Career Pathways with Hands-On Training Methods
Join us as we discuss how to engage students with hands-on welding training tools to further career path exploration while addressing classroom management and safety concerns. Learn how to implement innovative welding solutions that create an interactive classroom while preparing students with knowledge and proper welding technique.

Webinar (26:22 min)

What is the guideWELD LIVE real welding guidance system?
In this 30-minute webinar, RealCareer Product Manager Jamey McIntosh takes an in-depth dive into our guideWELD® LIVE real welding guidance system. Learn why teachers around the world have incorporated guideWELD LIVE into their welding training programs and how it can enhance your students' learning.

guideweld live welding guidance system
Webinar (20:32 min)

How to Use Virtual Reality in the Welding Classroom: Trends and Tips 
In this 20-minute presentation, RealCareer Product Manager Jamey McIntosh and Realityworks Welding Trainer Chris Potapenko discuss the ways they've seen welding instructors and trainers implement virtual reality welding simulators in technical education and training programs across the country. A review of Realityworks' welding training tools is also provided.

Webinar (28:35 min)

Getting Started with RealCareer™ Welding Solutions: A Guide for Program Implementation
Wondering how to implement new tools into your welding classroom? Curious how other users are making new technology effective for students? Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn how to use 21st Century tools to create an engaging environment that helps students understand welding career paths and develop welding skills.

Webinar (14:19 min)

Simulate, Automate, Evaluate: Creating Hands-On Training with RealCareer® Welding Solutions
Watch this 30-minute webinar to review Realityworks' full range of welding solutions, including our virtual reality welding simulator, guideWELD® VR; our live welding guidance system, guideWELD® LIVE; our RealCareer™ Bend Tester; and RealCareer™ Weld Defects Kit. Realityworks RealCareer Product Manager will explore each solution individually and discuss how these hands-on training tools can help prepare today's students for success in welding and welding-related careers.

Webinar (26:44 min)

The Value of Evaluation in Welding: Introducing the RealCareer™ Bend Tester
Understanding bend testing – one of the tests often required to qualify welders – will also help welding students and instructors learn the proper way to execute, read and inspect a bend test that aligns with welding qualification standards. In this 30-minute webinar, RealCareer Product Manager Jamey McIntosh demonstrates the new RealCareer Bend Tester, an 8-ton hydraulic, manual-guided bend test fixture for destructive weld testing, and reviews what welding instructors and students can learn from this hands-on teaching tool and accompanying curriculum. Watch to learn more about our newest welding education and training tool and how it could impact your welding program.

Webinar (20:58 min)

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