Realityworks, Inc., announces new training tools for healthcare career preparation

Eau Claire, Wis. (February 12, 2019) – Realityworks, Inc., announces several new training tools for healthcare education, including a Geriatric Foot Care Model, Adult Nursing Manikin, Advanced Airway Intubation Simulator and Ostomy Trainer. These new learning aids join a line of training tools aimed at engaging students in high-demand healthcare fields, training them on various nursing procedures and helping them develop key soft skills.

“There is a widening gap between available healthcare jobs and people with the skills to fill them,” said Realityworks RealCare Product Manager Denise Bodart. “By using training tools like these, which engage students with realistic, hands-on learning opportunities, educators can engage more young people in healthcare careers and help them develop in-demand skills.”

Realityworks’ new healthcare training tools include:

  • Geriatric Foot Care Model, which simulates common foot conditions like bunions, corns, nail fungus and diabetic ulceration with realistic details.
  • Adult Nursing Manikin, which meets 2019 CPR standards with feedback on correctness and teaches patient care skills like ear care, eye care, oral and nasal feeding, ulcer care and more.
  • Advanced Airway Intubation Simulator, which lets students practice proper endotracheal intubation procedures on a realistic, moveable head and neck.
  • Ostomy Trainer, which includes simulated stool for teaching both colostomy and ileostomy care

“Training tools that address certified nursing assistant and nursing skills will become even more important as demand for healthcare services grows,” said Bodart. “These interactive learning aids provide the interactive, true-to-life learning opportunities that today’s students need to succeed, helping them learn not only relevant clinical skills but soft skills like empathy and sensitivity.”

Realityworks continues to look for other product development opportunities in areas with a skills gap to engage today’s students in needed career fields.

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