Realityworks, Inc. Releases New Learning Aids for Growing Fresh, Local Food in the Classroom

Hydroponics Students

Eau Claire, Wis. (October 1, 2019) – Following the donation of $10,000 in hydroponics equipment to classrooms across the country, Realityworks, Inc. announces the release of two training tools for hydroponics instruction: the Plant Producer Educational Hydroponics System and the Plant Lab Educational Hydroponics system. Both systems were designed for use in educational settings to engage students in agriculture, sustainable food production, horticulture and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts using interactive, hands-on learning methods.

“Teachers from all walks of education – career and technical education (CTE), agriculture instructors, food and nutrition instructors, science instructors – have been telling us how important it is to grow their own food and show their students the value of fresh, healthy food,” said Jamey McIntosh, Realityworks Product Marketing Manager. “These systems are allowing teachers to grow produce on a scale that fits their classroom needs while engaging their students, teaching needed skills and providing career exploration opportunities.”

In June 2019, Realityworks donated $10,000 worth of hydroponics systems and supplies to six instructors from schools across the country so they could experiment with growing food right from their classroom while giving direct feedback to Realityworks in a traditional beta-tester format. Feedback from those beta-testers enabled Realityworks to change the system and improve supporting materials, such as teacher guides and curriculum, to ensure more seamless experiences for future users.

The two systems Realityworks launched October 1 give teachers options: use the larger Producer system to grow production-level quantities of greens – ideal for farm-to-school programs where significant quantities of produce are needed – or use the more compact Lab system to experiment with varying quantities of fruits, vegetables and herbs on a smaller scale.

“Only weeks into using our hydroponics system, one of our beta-testers grew enough lettuce to supplement his high school’s school lunch program that week,” said McIntosh. “These systems will be key for addressing a variety of important concepts, from modern farming concepts and sustainable food production methods to farm-to-school and other programs that encourage the consumption of healthy, locally grown food.”

Realityworks’ line of hydroponics educational systems has been added to a line-up of products focused on bringing realism into the classroom, engaging today’s students while teaching in-demand skills and career exploration. Realityworks continues to look for other product development opportunities within CTE and STEM and in areas with a skills gap to engage today’s students in needed career fields.

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