Initiatives have been integrated into our everyday lives and are designed to decrease Realityworks’ impact on the environment.

Corporate Initiatives

A corporate-wide recycling program has been established to limit trash destined for landfills. In addition, all facilities undergo extensive energy reviews on all lighting, roofing and windows to reduce energy consumption.

Product Developments

Here at Realityworks we have a continuous trade-in program for outdated infant simulators. Other product developments have led our initiatives to constant product improvements. The latest offers can be discovered by contacting . Also, product and program curriculum materials have been moved to an electronic format, reducing printed materials by 20,000 pounds of paper per year. In addition, the latest generation of RealCare Baby infant simulators relies on rechargeable batteries for operation and is now programmed through a computer versus a plastic control unit, saving approximately 2,000 pounds of plastic and electronics per year. Other efforts are ongoing to significantly reduce materials in our programs.