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The RealCare® Program from Realityworks

Realityworks’ infant simulators and models offer real-life experiences that address substance abuse education, prenatal education, child care skills, infant safety and more. Each hands-on learning aid has everything you need, from powerful, hands-on activities to complete curriculum and supplies.

RealCare® Baby 3

The world’s most advanced simulator with wireless programming and reporting capabilities, this virtual baby engages users by requiring 24-7 care. Actions like rocking, feeding and even failing to support Baby’s head or shaking the Baby are recorded. This simulator comes with Baby supplies, software and comprehensive curriculum.



Pregnancy Profile® Simulator

This wearable vest simulates how the body feels during the third trimester of pregnancy. It comes with engaging curriculum on the physical, emotional and social impacts of pregnancy.




Shaken Baby

This simulator is used to demonstrate the effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome. During a demonstration, users will hear Baby’s startling cry, and after shaking occurs, see LED lights illuminate in its head in each place that brain damage has occurred. This simulator comes with curriculum and the “When Babies Cry” DVD.



Drug-Affected Baby

This life-like Baby demonstrates the cries and withdrawal tremors of a drug-affected infant. Use it to facilitate discussions on the potential impacts of drug use during pregnancy. Curriculum is included.



Fetal Alcohol Baby

This non-electronic, life-like Baby displays the physical effects of using alcohol while pregnant. This simulator comes with “An Ounce of Prevention” DVD and curriculum on prenatal alcohol use.



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