Our hands-on learning resources for Agriculture education pair experiential learning tools with curriculum, activities and assessment tools to engage students in animal science, plant science, welding and trade skill development, career exploration, soft skill development and more. Click below to learn more about our ag education products and programs.

  1. Portable Workstations Portable Workstations
  2. guideWELD® VR welding simulator guideWELD® VR welding simulator
  3. guideWELD® LIVE real welding guidance system guideWELD® LIVE real welding guidance system
  4. Weld Defects Kit Weld Defects Kit
  5. Bend Tester Bend Tester
  6. Electrical Wiring Kit Electrical Wiring Kit
  7. Cow Model Cow Model
  8. Horse Model Horse Model
  9. Pig Model Pig Model
  10. Chicken Model Chicken Model
  11. Ruminant Model Ruminant Model
  12. Pig Stomach Model Pig Stomach Model
  13. Horse Stomach Model Horse Stomach Model
  14. Cow Uterus Model Cow Uterus Model
  15. Plant Science Kit Plant Science Kit
  16. Dicot Flower Model Dicot Flower Model
  17. Dicot Stem Model Dicot Stem Model
  18. Horse Uterus Model Horse Uterus Model
  19. Pig Uterus Model Pig Uterus Model

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