Geriatric Training

Healthcare workers are in high demand. To be successful, students will need technical, job-specific skills, plus soft skills like empathy and sensitivity toward the elderly. Our geriatric training tools, which engage today's students with interactive, real-world experiences, can help healthcare students develop these in-demand skills.

What do today’s students think of our geriatric training tools? Watch this video to see how students at a long-term care facility recently reacted to the RealCare Geriatric Simulator.

Learn more about our geriatric training tools by clicking below.

  1. Geriatric Simulator Geriatric Simulator
  2. Geriatric Sensory Impairment Kit Geriatric Sensory Impairment Kit
  3. Geriatric Medication Management Simulation Kit Geriatric Medication Management Simulation Kit
  4. Hemiplegia Simulator Hemiplegia Simulator
  5. Geriatric Foot Care Model Geriatric Foot Care Model
  6. Geriatric Nursing Manikin Geriatric Nursing Manikin
  7. Geriatric Skin Conditions Kit Geriatric Skin Conditions Kit

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