RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator

Enable students to personally experience age-related physical changes with the RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator. The simulator includes a sensitivity suit (weight vest, 2 ankle weights 4 wrist wrights, 2 elbow restraints, 2 knee restraints, 2 gloves, cervical collar and set of 6 visual impairment glasses), walker, storage case and 9-lesson curriculum.

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  • Weight Vest (adjustable, one-size-fits-most)
  • 2 ankle weights
  • 4 wrist weights
  • 2 elbow restraints
  • 2 knee restraints
  • 2 gloves
  • Cervical collar
  • Set of 6 visual impairment glasses
  • Walker
  • Storage case
  • 9-lesson Geriatric Experience curriculum

The Geriatric Simulator enables users to experience:

  • Visual impairment
  • Restricted range of motion
  • Decreased mobility
  • Stooped posture
  • Loss of sensation in hands
  • Joint stiffness
  • Loss of strength
  • Fatigue
  • Change in body image
  • Decreased sense of balance
  • Confusion


The Geriatric Experience

  • Teacher guide
  • Student materials
  • Assessment tools
  • Presentation slides
  • Teaching hours: 13

Experience Curriculum Overview

Experience Curriculum Sample

Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

Health Science Curriculum Overview

3 reviews for RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator

  1. Jeanie Stanek

    The Geriatric Simulator is such an awesome tool for teaching empathy and sensitivity to CNA and nursing students. It helps them really put themselves in the shoes of the elderly and feel what it’s like to have restricted mobility, loss of vision, and other conditions elderly people deal with.

    I have used this tool a little untraditionally in the past — as a way to engage with potential employees at job fairs. It really helped me connect with potential applicants and let them see exactly how big of an impact they could make on the lives of the elderly if they chose to work in a senior care facility.

    I absolutely love how this tool can be used for education and recruitment purposes.

    Highly recommend it for your program!

    – Jeanie Stanek
    Employment Marketing Consultant
    The Northworks

  2. Bobby Scanlon

    The Geriatric Simulator helps me to teach empathy for our elderly and disabled residents each and every time I use it during the Nursing Assistant courses I teach. I can see the light bulbs come on by the facial expressions of my students as they attempt to see to perform tasks wearing the visual deficit equipment. Or how difficult it can be to take a deep breath when walking around the classroom wearing a vest which is weighted to simulate the heaviness of their chest after taking medications designed to control blood pressure or just plain having a breathing deficit from chronic COPD. It has been a great tool when talking about the different body systems, aging changes and conditions which can impact all of us at some point as we get older. As a nurse educator I would highly recommend the suit as an interactive teaching tool to avoid the over lecturing and the boredom that can sometimes happen.

  3. Holly Pate

    This is an excellent tool for teaching empathy and increasing understanding of the patient’s challenges for any healthcare student. The one suggestion I would offer is to make the set of glasses also available as a separate purchase. The glasses are useful to Diagnostic Medicine class; the other items are NOT part of the standards for that course.

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