Adult Nursing Manikin

Not only does our Adult Nursing Manikin allow for the practice of basic care procedures like hair and face washing, oral and nasal feeding and suctioning, and care of the ears, eyes, perineal and mouth, but it meets 2019 American Heart Association CPR and ECC guidelines: It includes a feedback device that provides directed, specific, real-time coaching feedback on the rate, depth and recoil of chest compressions. This medium-fidelity manikin features over 20 basic nursing functions including a Multipurpose Venous Training Arm that allows for the practice of venipuncture, intramuscular injection and IV insertion and medication administration. The accompanying curriculum includes 10 lessons (plus presentation slides and teaching materials) on care functions like bathing, range of motion, ostomy care and more.



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  1. Basic Patient Care Bathing Curriculum Overview

    Range of Motion Curriculum Overview

    Pressure Injury Curriculum Overview

    Intradermal Injections Curriculum Overview

    Intramuscular Injections Curriculum Overview

    Introduction to IV Insertion Curriculum Overview

    Introduction to IV Bolus Medication Administration Curriculum Overview

    Introduction to Phlebotomy Curriculum Overview

    Introduction to Ostomy Care Curriculum Overview

    Catheterization Curriculum Overview


  2. Package includes:
    • Life-sized Adult Nursing Manikin
    • Controller for CPR
    • Interchangeable female/male genitalia
    • Replacement arm skin
    • FAST-Fluid Management System
    • Pajamas
    • 1-year limited warranty
    • Curriculum
  3. “I like that it is light and portable. It is easy to move from lab to lab or site to site!”

    Kasey Carlson, MSN, Med, nursing instructor and educational technologist, WI

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