Down Syndrome Baby

Use the Down Syndrome Baby simulator to teach the 12 common physical attributes that an infant with Down syndrome may exhibit.

12 common physical attributes include:

  • Almond-shaped eyes with an upward slant
  • Skinfold covering the inner corner of the eyes
  • Flat facial profile
  • Small, flat nose
  • Low, weak muscle tone that results in additional neck folds, which lack a supportive head and limbs
  • Single palmar crease: deep crease across the center of the palm
  • Ears set further back and lower on the head
  • Prominent, broad forehead
  • Bent fifth finger
  • Larger torso relative to the arms and legs
  • White spots on the iris of the eye called “Brushfield spots”
  • Wide space between the big and second toe

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  • Down Syndrome Baby
  • Diaper
  • Instructor Guide
  • Understanding Down Syndrome Curriculum (online)
  • RealCare Baby storage box


  • One-lesson Understanding Down Syndrome curriculum
  • Two slide presentations
    • Down Syndrome Myths and Truths slide presentation
    • Understanding Down Syndrome slide presentation

Understanding Down Syndrome Curriculum Overview


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