Preemie Baby

The Preemie Baby is a non-electronic manikin simulating a preterm infant born at 30 weeks. Help students, caregivers, and parents-to-be understand the unique challenges and, sometimes complicated, medical problems often associated with preterm birth.


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  • RealCare™ Preemie Baby (anatomically correct female)
  • Cloth diaper and blanket
  • 2-lesson Understanding Premature Infants curriculum
  • 1-year limited warranty


Understanding Premature Infants Curriculum Overview

Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum Overview


Product Weight: 1.15 lbs.
Product Length: 16 inches
Target Audience:

  • Middle school, high school or post-secondary students
  • Community education programs
  • Clinical education programs
  • Caregiver programs

Use Preemie Baby and curriculum to address:

  • How preterm birth can occur
  • The potential size and physical development of a premature infant
  • Ways to prevent preterm birth
  • How to care for premature infants


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