Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby

By showing the potential physical effects of prenatal alcohol use, the RealCare™ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby shows the potential impacts of alcohol use while pregnant. You can use this experiential learning tool and the included curriculum to facilitate engaging discussions on:

  • Prenatal alcohol use
  • Alcohol abuse prevention
  • Child development and more

Each lifelike, non-electronic baby simulator features:

  • Small gestational size
  • Small head, widely set eyes
  • Low nasal bridge
  • Bigger, lower ears
  • Shorter nose and smaller chin
  • Flattened mid-face
  • Curved fingers and joints

Target Audience
Use this FAS baby simulator as a powerful demonstrator in:

  • Alcohol and substance abuse prevention programs
  • Family and consumer sciences, child development and health classes
  • Childbirth, prenatal and parenting classes
  • Health occupations and child care career courses


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    The single-lesson Understanding Prenatal Alcohol Exposure curriculum takes one hour to complete, and includes a lesson plan, activity instructions and slide presentation. It covers:

    • Prevention of prenatal alcohol exposure
    • National statistics
    • Short-and long-term impacts of prenatal alcohol exposure
    • Individual, family and social costs of prenatal alcohol exposure

    Lesson plans, activity instructions, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets and handouts, in English and Spanish, are all included.

    Understanding Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Sample Lesson

    Understanding Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Curriculum Overview

    Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

    • RealCare Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby (anatomically correct female - available in two skin tones)
    • Cloth diaper
    • Curriculum
    • Limited 1-year warranty
    • An Ounce of Prevention DVD

    Product Catalog and How To Order

      • Non-electronic manikin
      • Weight: 2 pounds
      • Length: 22 inches
      • Anatomically correct female available in two skin tones

      Product Catalog and How To Order

    • These products provide a consistent, safe experience for students before going into a clinical setting.  They have the opportunity to handle these babies in different ways; to know what is safe; and how to bathe and swaddle them; to understand how to approach them.

      Jessie Daniels, NAU Skills Lab Coordinator, National American UniversityDownload Full Story

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