RealCare™ Shaken Baby

Use the RealCare™ Shaken Baby simulator and curriculum to help young people understand the effects of only a few seconds of shaking on an infant’s brain and how to safely soothe a crying infant.

Powerful Visual: After being shaken, this unique simulator’s transparent head illuminates to illustrate where brain damage has occurred.

Hands-on Practice: Use the included swaddling garment to practice soothing the simulator which will stop crying as the swaddling garment is correctly applied.

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  • RealCare™ Shaken Baby (4 C batteries included)
  • T-shirt
  • Cloth diaper
  • Downloadable curriculum
  • 5-year warranty
  • Swaddling garment
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instructor Key FOB
  • Brain and Cerebral Arteries Model
  • Storage case

Save money by purchasing the Infant Health Trio Package (includes the RealCare™ Shaken Baby, RealCare™ Drug-Affected Baby, and RealCare™ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby together with a trio storage case, and deliver a breathtaking, high-impact message about the tragedies of child abuse and substance abuse.


Understanding Shaken Baby Syndrome:

Lesson topics:
1. Anatomy of the Brain
2. Abusive Head Trauma
3. How to Soothe a Crying Infant

Teaching hours: 3
Includes: Presentation slides, student activities and pre- and post-assessments
Aligns to: Common Core State Standards, Common Career Technical Core Standards

Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

Shaken Baby Syndrome Curriculum Overview

Shaken Baby Syndrome Curriculum Sample

Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum Overview

Butcher Lamb Cuts Poster Sample

Career Exploration Station Activity Sheet

Use our Career Exploration Station Activity Sheet to incorporate a lesson specific to career exploration.



  • Realistic look and feel
  • Clear head is equipped with LED lights
  • Emits lifelike cries
  • Editable Pledge Not to Shake and certificate of completion
  • Downloadable curriculum with 3 teaching hours covering the anatomy of the brain and how to soothe a crying infant
  • Brain and Cerebral Arteries Model includes 9 removable parts for a deeper dive into the anatomy of the brain
  • Swaddling garment offers hands-on practice soothing an infant
  • Simulator will stop crying when the swaddling garment is applied correctly, giving students instant feedback on their technique
  • Soft-sided case offers easy storage and transportation
  • Great for in-class training, demonstrations, and remote learning

Check out the RealCare™ Shaken Baby Add-On, which was put together specifically for customers who purchased a Shaken Baby before 2023. This package will add more value to this one-of-a kind simulator.


Product Weight: 7 lbs.
Product Length: 21 inches


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6 reviews for RealCare™ Shaken Baby

  1. Holly Noah

    It will be such a great lesson for my Childcare and Responsible Parenting classes.

  2. Sarah Ohl

    It was a great experience for my students to see where damage might occur if a child was shaken. They were saddened by the long term damage caused. A student lost a cousin to shaken baby syndrome three years ago so this was a very real experience for us.

  3. Bonita

    It is a great eye-opener for people to see the damage that can happen so quickly.

  4. Lindsey Harrell

    I absolutely love the RealCare Shaken Baby. It is super easy to use and the Lesson Plans are great that come along with it. Students are amazed and shocked by what can happen and how fast it can happen.

  5. Robin Thomas

    Very real to life situation of what can happen to a baby if they are shaken.

  6. Lin Venable

    Easy to use and demonstrate brain damage from shaking a baby. Lesson plan is thought provoking with videos and activities to follow and use.

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