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Take a Dive into the RealCare Baby® Curriculum

Watch this 30-minute presentation to learn how the four sets of comprehensive curriculum that accompany RealCare Baby® infant simulators can help you save planning time, prepare your students for successful simulation experiences, engage your students with a variety of in-class activities and address topics ranging from parenting and child development to healthy choices and pregnancy prevention.

Webinar (20:01 min)

Back to School with RealCare Baby - 15 Program Tips & Tricks

In this 30-minute webinar, Realityworks’ RealCare Baby® experts share 15 tips to help you prepare your RealCare Program for the new school year. Tips include curriculum highlights, student engagement ideas, product support tricks and more.

Webinar (20:01 min)

How to Prepare RealCare Baby for Summer Break

Learn how to clean, store and optimize the battery life of your RealCare Baby infant simulators so they are ready to be used when you return for the 2017 - 2018 school year. You'll also discover three FREE resources you can use to jump-start your RealCare Baby program in the fall!

Webinar (20:01 min)

New Ways to Teach Human Development

In this 30-minute webinar, RealCare Product Manager and Curriculum Specialist Denise Bodart reviews how you can use experiential learning tools in the classroom to help today's 21st Century students understand key concepts in Human Development. A review of what Realityworks is now offering for Health Sciences and Family and Consumer Sciences, plus additional resources and program materials, is also included.

Webinar (20:01 min)

Using the RealCare Program to Engage Your Students

In this half-hour webinar, we share 5 ways educators can use the RealCare Program to engage their students and help foster the development of soft skills. A preview of our NEW RealCare Program student workbooks is also included.

Webinar (20:01 min)

Pre-Professional Assessments and Certifications: A Pathway to Success

Assessments and certifications are great tools to position FCS programs for greater vitality, accountability, effectiveness, and, ultimately, SUCCESS! In a demanding educational environment, FCS programs must substantiate their roles in preparing students for success in today’s competitive workforce. Watch this webinar for an overview of AAFCS Pre-Professional Assessments and Certifications and how they can provide the tools and data to help you become a champion for your program and students.

Webinar (20:01 min)

What’s New for the Health and FCS Classrooms from Realityworks?
Realityworks is excited to announce several new programs that can benefit your health and family and consumer sciences students! Watch this 30-minute webinar to get a look at each new offering, including the RealCare™ Preemie Baby, RealCare™ Infant Health and Safety Pack, RealCare™ Human Reproduction Kit, RealCareer™ Food Safety Kit and the RealCareer™ Employability Skills Program.

Webinar (20:01 min)

Get to Know the RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator
Compassion and understanding are key to providing quality care for geriatric patients. If your students could experience the challenges that daily tasks can present to the elderly, would they be more likely to provide appropriate care? In this 30-minute webinar, we introduce a brand-new simulation experience designed to help educators provide empathy and sensitivity training: the RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator. Watch and learn how the lessons and experiences provided by this sensitivity suit can engage your students and give them a greater understanding of the effects of aging on the body.

Webinar (33:26 min)

Get Social with the “Say Yes to FCS” Educator Recruitment Initiative!
Presenters: Gay Nell McGinnis, Division Director of Credentialing, Professional Development and Research AAFCS & Gwynn Mason, Director of Communications AAFCS.
"Say Yes to FCS: Filling the Family & Consumer Sciences Educator Pipeline" is the national educator recruitment initiative being led by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) in collaboration with range of individual and group advocates. As part of the recruitment strategy, a 12-month (and possibly ongoing) social media campaign is underway to highlight the great work that FCS educators do through their programs and engage program participants and alumni in sharing positive outcomes as a result of their FCS program experience. In this webinar you will learn about what has been accomplished through the social media campaign and how you can get involved to actively “do something” to address the field’s shortage of educators. All FCS advocates are encouraged to attend!

Webinar (23:57 min)

Tips & Tricks for your RealCare® Program
During this free, 30-minute webinar we share tips and tricks used by experienced RealCare instructors from across the country. Learn new approaches to using all of our RealCare Total Parenting Experience™ products: RealCare® Baby, Pregnancy Profile, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby, Drug-Affected Baby and Shaken Baby.

Webinar (33:47 min)

RealCare Across the Lifespan: Using RealCare™ Products in Human Growth & Development Courses
Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn how Realityworks' experiential learning tools can help Family & Consumer Sciences educators and health educators address Prenatal development through birth, Infancy to age 3, Puberty through teen years, Adulthood (parenting years) and Late adulthood (aging adults).

Webinar (19:52 min)

A Walk in Their Shoes: Using the RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator to Teach Geriatric Sensitivity
As the Baby Boomer population ages, the number of health occupations for geriatric care will skyrocket. In this 30-minute webinar, RealCare Product Manager Denise Bodart introduces a brand-new simulation experience designed to help health occupations workers develop empathy and sensitivity for the elderly: The RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator. Viewers will learn how the lessons and experiences provided by this sensitivity suite give users a greater understanding of the effects and challenges of aging by enabling them to personally experiencing age-related physical changes.

Webinar (19:52 min)

How do you know when it’s time to trade in your RealCare Baby?

RealCare® Baby has improved dramatically over the years, from the care events it tracks and the way data is retrieved and viewed to the curriculum that is included. In addition to improved Control Center Software, the latest generation RealCare® Baby 3 senses ambient temperatures, time in a car seat and clothing changes! If you’re wondering whether now is a good time to trade in your RealCare Baby II, RealCare Baby II+ or older Baby Think It Over model; how doing so can help you save; and how you can receive training to maximize your new products, this 20-minute webinar by RealCare Product Manager Denise Bodart will help.

Webinar (19:23 min)

Back to School with RealCare® Baby
Are you new to RealCare® Baby, or do you need to refresh your knowledge of the program? In this 30-minute webinar, Realityworks RealCare Product Manager Denise Bodart reviews Baby’s components, programming, report interpretation, curricula, product support resources and other important information Baby users need to ensure a richer experience for their students and increased confidence for them as the new school year commences!

Webinar (31:50 min)

Practical Tips for Maintaining Your RealCare® Products Over Summer Break
In this 30-minute webinar, Realityworks Product Support Specialist Nate Schlieve and Illinois FACS teacher Melissa Priester join RealCare Product Manager Denise Bodart to review helpful tips for tracking and maintaining RealCare Program parts and pieces during summer break. From keeping your batteries in top shape to organization ideas and storage solutions, this webinar will help you successfully wrap up your RealCare program before summer begins and ensure it's ready to go for fall.

Webinar (31:12 min)

Using the RealCare® Program for Career Exploration
Help ensure that your students are college- and career-ready by attending this free, 30-minute webinar about our new career exploration curriculum, "Using the RealCare® Program for Career Exploration." This 5-lesson curriculum enables students to explore a breadth of career opportunities related to the topics you’re already teaching with our RealCare Total Parenting Experience products: RealCare® Pregnancy Profile Simulator, RealCare™ Drug-Affected Baby and RealCare™ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby, RealCare® Baby and RealCare™ Shaken Baby. Programs not using these products can utilize the curriculum as well to help their students meet important career readiness standards. The webinar will be presented by Denise Bodart, Realityworks RealCare Product Manager, former teacher and education marketing specialist.

Webinar (26:38)

Enhance Your Program with the Infant Health Trio: RealCare® Drug-Affected Baby, RealCare® Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby & RealCare® Shaken Baby
In this free webinar, we explore our Infant Health Trio simulators - RealCare® Drug-Affected Baby, RealCare® Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby & RealCare® Shaken Baby - and how to maximize the use of these demonstrators in educational settings, explore curriculum activities and assessment tools, review best practices and hear creative ideas from seasoned educators

Webinar (16:52)

Enhance Your Program with the Pregnancy Profile Simulator
Do you currently use our RealCare® Pregnancy Profile Simulation, or are you considering a purchase? Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of this hands-on education tool, explore the included curriculum and discover creative ways to utilize the simulator in this FREE, 20-minute webinar.

Webinar (20:15 min)

Where do I begin with RealCare Baby?
Designed for those who only recently purchased RealCare baby infant simulators or inherited Babies they are not familiar with, this webinar features a review of what's included with RealCare Baby 3, how to add and program RealCare Baby, how to interpret the post-simulation report, and an overview of our RealCare Baby Product Support area. 

Webinar (35:55 min)

Become an Expert! Digging into our Healthy Choices Sex Education Curriculum
Released in 2014, Realityworks' Healthy Choices Sex Education Program addresses anatomy and physiology, adolescent development, pregnancy, STIs, HIV, relationships, personal safety and more through powerful simulation experiences and real-world decision-making curriculum. This 30-minute webinar features a closer look at our two sex education curricula and reviews specific topics and activities that are found in both our high school and middle school sex education curriculum.

Webinar (24:33 min)

Get Organized! Storage Ideas & Tips For Your RealCare Program Components
We asked experienced RealCare Baby users how they organize their RealCare program components (Babies, wristbands, diapers, bottles, etc.) and shared them in this 30-minute webinar. Photos of their ideas, a brief discussion of our own storage solutions and other tips and tricks you can immediately employ to improve your own program’s organization are all included.

Webinar (21:46 min)

Increase student engagement with the RealCareer™ Food Safety Kit
Whether you’re an experienced culinary instructor looking for new activities to liven up your program or a new teacher gathering resources for teaching a foods course, the RealCareer Food Safety Kit is for you! Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn how you can use this supplemental resource to increase hands-on learning in your program. Activities from the curriculum, card games, posters and more are highlighted.

Webinar (15:19 min)

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