Bovine Breeder™ Artificial Insemination Simulator

The Bovine Breeder™ artificial insemination simulator is a unique learning aid that teaches correct cervix manipulation, AI gun positioning and pregnancy palpation. It allows students to see inside the reproductive tract to identify reproductive system landmarks. Students will also learn correct techniques for inserting and delivering semen. The simulator also aids in teaching how to palpate the uterus to identify stages of corpus luteum development and pregnancy. This life-sized model fits on a tabletop and collapses for easy storage.

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  • Simulator with removable cervix, reproductive tract and cow hide cover
  • Latex-free, shoulder-length gloves (100-pack)
  • AI barb-style gun
  • 3 stages of corpus luteum development models
  • 2 stages of fetal development models
  • Quick start guide
  • Online access to curriculum
  • 1-year limited warranty


Cow and Bull Reproductive Systems, Basics of Artificial Insemination and Proper Insemination Techniques

  • Teacher guide
  • Student materials
  • Assessment tools
  • Presentation slides
  • Teaching hours: 3-5

Bovine Breeder Curriculum Overview

Agriculture Curriculum Overview


  • Realistic cow’s hindquarters and reproductive system to teach proper AI techniques
  • Removable cow hide cover (available in brown or black and white) to train with or without visual cues
  • Model fits on classroom tabletops and collapses for easy storage


Product Dimensions: 32” x 18” x 28”
Product Weight: 25 lbs.

1 review for Bovine Breeder™ Artificial Insemination Simulator

  1. William Fritz

    The Bovine Breeder is an excellent tool for any agriculture classroom that teaches livestock reproduction and A.I. The breeder comes with lessons that can be used all by themselves or supplement lessons in an existing unit. The videos, powerpoints, and guides are very helpful to the students. I have used the breeder for two years now in my classroom, and all students have benefited from it. The breeder allows novice students to learn and experience students to keep updated on A.I. Living in North Dakota, it isn’t always easy to get to a farm because of weather or farmer’s prior commitments. With the Bovine Breeder, you can work it into your classroom schedule anytime. The Bovine Breeder has traveled around the state of North Dakota. We demonstrated it at the state capitol during CTE month, it was part of the interactive display at the North Dakota State Fair, and several other agriculture programs have borrowed it to use in their classrooms. The Bovine Breeder is a big hit!

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