Plant Lab Educational Hydroponics System

Experiment with varying quantities of greens while addressing key plant science, STEM and sustainability efforts with the award-winning Plant Lab Educational Hydroponics System. Its three vertical shelves connect to individual water sources, enabling experimentation with plants, water levels and nutrients on each level. Improve your classroom with this educational hydroponics system. This system includes starter kit materials and user guides so you can begin growing right away. Use our hydroponics educational systems to engage more students in agriculture, FCS and science programs. Additionally, you can incorporate STEM concepts into your curriculum; and teach the relevant, in-demand skills that today’s careers require.

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  • Plant sites: 33
  • LED grow lights
  • Fans
  • Water pump
  • 2-gallon water tank/shelf
  • Grow medium sponges
  • Reusable grow cups
  • Germination tray, seeds, and rockwool
  • Four swivel casters
  • 1-year limited warranty


Introduction to Hydroponics Curriculum

Lesson topics:
1. What is Hydroponics
2. Plant Life

Teaching hours: 2
Includes: Presentation slides, student activities, and pre- and post-assessments

Hydroponics Curriculum Sample

Hydroponics Curriculum Overview

Agriculture Curriculum Overview


  • Plant sites: 33
  • Dimensions: 56” x 28” x 15”
  • Shelf Spacing (grow height): 10″
  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Water capacity: Three 2-gallon tanks, one per shelf
  • Fans: one fan per shelf unit
  • Voltage: 120v, 60Hz


Career Preparation

What careers can hydroponics help prepare students for? 

  • Potential career opportunities include: Nursery/Greenhouse Technician, Cultivation Manager, Agricultural Engineer, Agronomist, Irrigation Technician, Horticulture Instructor, Culinary/Food Service.

How are other teachers using hydroponics systems?

  • Our hydroponics educational systems are used to engage students in agriculture, FCS and science programs. They’re also used to incorporate STEM concepts into your curriculum and teach the relevant, in-demand skills that today’s careers require. Here is one example of a teacher’s experience. 

General Usage

What is hydroponics?

  • A method of growing plants without soil

I’m new to hydroponics. Where do I start?

Why are these hydroponics units right for me?

  • Our hydroponics units save space, use less water than traditional soil farming, speed up grow times, reduce chemical use, increase food security and provide career exploration opportunities as well as foster student engagement in the classroom.

Are these units noisy?

  • No. They were created in response to educator requests for interactive growing systems that could be easily used in classroom settings. The noise level has been compared to a quiet white noise machine

What is the difference between the Plant Lab and Plant Producer hydroponics systems?

  • Both systems include reusable grow cups, a germination tray, seeds, rockwool, a 1-year limited warranty, LED grow lights and curriculum.
  • The Plant Lab System features 3 vertical shelves connected to individual water sources. This enables experimentation with different plants, water levels and nutrients on each level. More details are below:
    1. Plant sites: 33
    2. Shelf spacing (grow height): 10”
    3. One fan per shelf unit
    4. Three 2-gallon water tanks/one per shelf
    5. Weight 75lbs
  • The Plant Producer System features 3 vertical shelves that are all connected to a single water source. This enables equal nutrient allotment and concentrated growth on each level. More details are below:
    1. Plant sites: 42
    2. Shelf spacing (grow height): 20” bottom, 12” middle, 12” top
    3. Two fans per shelf unit
    4. One 7-gallon tank
    5. Weight 100lbs
  • The Plant Mini System Class Pack features 5 compact, desktop sized growing systems. These systems enable users to experiment with deep water culture, ebb and flow and microgreen varieties.
    1. Plant sites for each unit: 12
    2. Shelf spacing (grow height): 11” from the top
    3. One fan per unit
    4. Each unit has a four-liter water tank
    5. Each unit weighs 6.4 lbs.

Do you offer product support?

  • Yes! Our product support team is available M-F 8am-5pm Central Time via phone, email or chat. Contact customer support here

What other program support do you provide?

  • We offer free webinarsblogs and classroom resources to help your program succeed
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1 review for Plant Lab Educational Hydroponics System

  1. Jennifer Hebert

    As an owner of this Plant Lab Educational system I must say this is a wonderful product! I planted Butter Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce and Lollo Lettuce and harvested in just over four weeks. The lettuce was so fresh and tasted amazing! Students made “Green Smoothies” and “Salads” with their harvest. This plant lab system is amazingly easy to use! I can’t grow anything in soil, however, this was super easy with the students helping test Ph and nutrient content in the water. The system is simple to set up and get started. If you are considering this for your classroom or personal use it is definitely a wise investment. As a teacher of Food Science it has been a “Game Changer” for my students to grow their own food to enjoy.

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