Plant Producer Educational Hydroponics System

Grow production-level quantities of greens while addressing key plant science, STEM and sustainability efforts with the Plant Producer Educational Hydroponics System. Its three vertical shelves connect to a single water source, enabling equal nutrient allotment and concentrated growth on each level.

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Shipping Late December 2019

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  • System control panel with sensor monitoring
  • Plant sites: 42
  • LED grow lights
  • Fans
  • Water pump
  • 7-gallon water tank
  • Grow medium sponges
  • Reusable grow cups
  • Germination tray, seeds, and rockwool
  • 1-year limited warranty


Hydroponics Educational Systems

  • Teacher guide
  • Student materials
  • Assessment tools
  • Presentation slides
  • Teaching hours: 2

Hydroponics Curriculum Overview

Agriculture Curriculum Overview


  • Dimensions: 74” x 31” x 15”
  • Shelf Spacing (grow height): 20″ bottom, 12″ middle, 12″ top
  • Weight: 100 lbs.
  • Water capacity: one 7-gallon tank
  • Fans: two fans per shelf unit
  • Voltage: 120v, 60Hz

3 reviews for Plant Producer Educational Hydroponics System

  1. Brent A Nelson

    The Plant Producer hydroponic system has been an amazing addition to our agriculture program. It is a great system for a beginner in hydroponics, and also a great system for someone who has more advanced knowledge of hydroponics. The user guide that is provided does a great job of giving you a step by step to successfully setting up the system. It also does a good job of giving you the information needed to maintain the produce from start to harvest. I would definitely recommend the Plant Producer hydroponics system to anyone interested in starting or expanding hydroponics in their program.

  2. John Hammond

    Outstanding! This Plant Producer Hydroponic System is a self contained unit that will help students understand the most basic principles of Hydroponics while also providing a hefty amount of space for plant growth. If you are looking for a product that not only produces but has a sleek look and is an eye catcher for your school, this is it! My students have really enjoyed getting to use this system to further their knowledge of hydroponics and plant growth!

  3. Justin McDowell

    This product is an excellent choice!! The Plant Producer Hydroponic System has been an awesome addition to our Elementary STEAM and Agriculture program. The elementary students have thoroughly enjoyed working with this unit to produce lettuce that they can eat here at school. We have been able to compare the number of plants grown in this system to our raised bed gardens as well as an aquaponics system. In the STEAM setting, this has allowed us to collect and compare data on the same plants in different growing mediums and systems. This unit looks great in the school and doesn’t take up much space. The increase in knowledge of hydroponics using this system has been awesome because the students are excited to see the unit each week and look at the changes in the plants.

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