RealCareer® Food Safety Kit

The RealCareer® Food Safety Kit covers basic food safety and handling techniques used in culinary occupations and at home. The curriculum integrates hands-on activities and components for up to six small groups to be working on activities simultaneously.

The kit addresses:

  • Basic food safety
  • Proper handwashing techniques
  • Common pathogens
  • Foodborne illnesses
  • Food supply chain
  • Safe temperatures
  • Food handling techniques
  • Cross-contamination prevention
  • Culinary and food service careers.


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  • Understanding Basic Food Safety curriculum
  • Presentation slides
  • 12 food safety posters (6 sets of 2 workstation posters on proper handwashing techniques and food temperature safety zones)
  • 6 bottles of Glo Germ™ Gel
  • 6 UV lights with batteries
  • Just the Facts: Food Safety DVD
  • Food safety trivia cards with die
  • Storage box
  • 1-year limited warranty

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The seven-lesson Basic Food Safety curriculum focuses on understanding basic food safety and handling techniques through a variety of hands-on activities and includes:

  • Teacher’s guide
  • Student materials
  • Assessment tools
  • Presentation slides
  • Teaching hours: 8-10
  • Aligns to: National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Basic Food Safety Sample Lesson

Basic Food Safety Curriculum Overview

Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

Product Catalog and How To Order

Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum Overview


  • Food safety posters (11 x 17)
  • Just the Facts Food Safety DVD – running time 16 minutes
  • Food safety trivia cards (70 cards, 4.5 X 6”) with one die
  • Storage box (13’10 x 11’10 x 4)
  • Glo Germ Gel (2-ounce bottle may be used for up to 30-50 applications)
  • UV light with 3-AAA batteries

More Information:

MSDS Information

Product Catalog and How To Order


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