guideWELD® VR welding simulator

Implementing the guideWELD VR welding simulator enables users to refine basic welding skills, learn proper welding techniques and explore welding career paths while saving on costly consumables. Watch the video below for a demonstration:

guideWELD VR welding simulator

guideWELD VR (MIG or Stick welding simulation gun)


  live welding guidance system

International pricing may vary.
Check out our international page for appropriate contacts.

guideWELD VR (MIG and Stick welding simulation guns)


  live welding guidance system

International pricing may vary.
Check out our international page for appropriate contacts.

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  1. Image

    guideWELD VR Curriculum Overview

    guideWELD VR Curriculum Sample

    Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

    Product Catalog and How To Order


  2. Hardware: 

    • guideWELD VR workstation with interchangeable GMAW (MIG) and/or SMAW (Stick) welding simulator gun
    • 3 welding joints (tee, lap, butt)
    • Actual Welding gloves included
    • Online access to: guideWELD VR curriculum (3 units, 13 lessons – over 25 hours of curriculum and assessment), Administrator Guide, Instructor User Guide, Student User Guide, Quick Start Guide, Product software

    *Welding helmet not included


    • Online access to download
    • Download directly to a server or individual computers
    • See Specifications for computer compatibility requirements


    • Provides immediate feedback on work angle, travel angle, speed, nozzle-to-plate distance and straightness
    • Offers recorded weld assessments
    • MIG and/or Stick welding processes available
    • Includes 27 default Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS’s) and option for custom WPS creation
    • 3 difficulty levels: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced
    • Easy installation on Windows and MAC operating systems
    • No licensing fees or requirements

    Product Catalog and How To Order

  3. Hardware Details:

    • Power Source: 12VDC 1.3 A 5ft. 2.5mm
    • Base: Length: 9.5 inches, Width: 18 inches, Height: 7.5 inches
    • Welding Simulator Gun: Standard GMAW (MIG) and/or SMAW (Stick) welding gun with 4 foot hose
    • Coupons: Tee, Lap, Butt
    • Total Product Weight: 7 lbs
    guideWELD VR System Requirements

    Product Catalog and How To Order

  4. We found that the simulators really push the students. By the time they get done with them, they're ready for the real thing and they jump right in.

    Dan Leinen, Agriculture Instructor, Harlan Community School District, Harlan, IADownload Full Story

    All CTE programs have a high cost of execution. But even though I know the simulators are an investment, over a period of time I will save in my material costs. Using this type of equipment to establish students’ foundational skills saves us a great deal.

    Margie Hartfiel, System Director, Career and Education Associates of North CentrDownload Full Story

    I have never used a virtual welder before, but guideWELD VR is very easy to use... I actually look out for my angle now while welding for real... it has helped a lot.

    Rodian Manjarres, Welding Student, J. Harley Bonds Career Center Greer, SCDownload Full Story

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