Realityworks Educational Hydroponics Systems named 2021 Edison Awards Finalist

Realityworks Educational Hydroponics Systems named 2021 Edison Awards Finalist

2021 Edison Awards – Finalist

Eau Claire, Wis. (February 11, 2021) – Realityworks, Inc. announces that their Educational Hydroponics Systems have been named a finalist in the 2021 Edison Awards. The annual competition recognizes innovative products, services and business leaders from around the world. Realityworks’ hydroponics systems stood out among 7,000 other products and more than 400 nominations in the awards’ STEAM Centered Creative Learning subcategory. Gold, silver and bronze award winners will be announced on April 22.

“We’re delighted that our Educational Hydroponics Systems have been recognized for their impact in the classroom, particularly programs focused on science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM),” said Timm Boettcher, Realityworks President and CEO. “Realityworks is dedicated to creating products that equip today’s youth with the skills and competencies necessary for success in high-demand careers, and STEAM skills are particularly vital to industry today. Our Educational Hydroponics Systems were created with those skills in mind.”

Realityworks’ Hydroponics Educational Systems are available in three sizes so teachers can easily grow fresh, healthy food in their classrooms. The largest model is the Plant Producer Educational Hydroponics System, which is designed to grow production-level quantities of greens. The slightly smaller Plant Lab Educational Hydroponics System is designed to enable experimentation with varying quantities of fruits, vegetables and herbs on a smaller scale.

Realityworks recently debuted a Plant Mini Educational Hydroponics System, which fits on a desktop and offers multiple growth methods in each system. Based on feedback from teachers, all systems include lesson plans and teaching materials, and arrive almost fully assembled. Their sleek design accommodates limited classroom space while enabling interactive, hands-on learning.

“Teachers have told us how easy it is to get their students interested in plant science, agriculture and STEAM topics using these systems, which are not only eye-catching but make it easy for students to observe plant growth,” said Jamey McIntosh, Realityworks Product Manager. “Whether they are teaching in person or remotely, teachers are looking for new, innovative ways to get help students develop skills that will help them succeed. We’re seeing these systems do exactly that.”

Realityworks’ Hydroponics Educational Systems belong to a product line focused on bringing realism into the classroom and engaging today’s students while teaching in-demand skills and offering career exploration. Realityworks continues to look for other product development opportunities to engage today’s students in needed careers within CTE, STEAM, and in areas with a skills gap.

About Realityworks, Inc.

Established over 20 years ago, Realityworks, Inc. is dedicated to creating experiential learning tools that engage students, help educators teach needed skills and provide career exploration opportunities. Realityworks comprehensive learning solutions combine curriculum with hands-on learning tools, student activities and assessments to create innovative classroom-based learning environments that make a difference. These solutions are used in middle, secondary and post-secondary schools to address a variety of Career & Technical Education pathways, including health & human services, health sciences, welding and trade skills, agriculture education, sex education and more. With simulators in more than 70 percent of U.S. school districts and programs in more than 90 countries around the world, Realityworks has made a worldwide impact on the lives of youth all over the world. For more information, visit, or call toll-free 800-830-1416.

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